Nintendo cancels Splatoon 2NA open live stream “Free Melee”

This weekend, Nintendo Splatoon 2 Opened in North America. The final match was scheduled to be streamed live, but it was canceled due to “unexpected execution challenges”.

I didn’t have any more details A few Fans seem to think they might know what’s going on …

A post by Smash Bros. subreddit emphasizes how many teams at this event had the #FreeMelee hashtag and name. This is all due to the uproar last month when the longest-running Super Smash Bros. tournament in the United States, “Big House,” was cease and desisted by Nintendo.

As you may know, the problem Nintendo had at this particular event was the fact that this year’s tournament required an “illegal copied version.” Super Smash Bros. DX We also use Slippi Online. The rollback net code allows players to publish it online.

As further explained in the tweet below, this is currently reported to be boiling into the Splatoon competition scene.

The same Twitter user said the community apparently wasn’t “surprised” by this.

“For clarity, this is Nintendo’s call, not any of the TOs or broadcasters who attended the weekend. This is damage control and is perfect in the face of all their enthusiastic competition scenes. It’s a spit, but we’re not surprised. “

Note that for now, this is all just a guess. But what do you think of all of this yourself? Leave a comment below and see my previous post for more details on how #FreeMelee and #SaveSmash work.

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