Nintendo cancels Splatoon Stream after the team shows solidarity with the smash community

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On the weekend, Nintendo quietly canceled Splatoon 2 It’s a live stream of the tournament, and participants believe it’s due to some of the names of the participating teams. Nintendo hasn’t publicly stated their reasons, but the result was a last-minute exchange tournament for multiplayer switch shooters. The fill-in event was a great success.

Saturday evening, a gamer by name told the public the words in question Slimy tweets “The Splatoon community supports the smash community, and 30% of Spl2 NA Open’s top teams this weekend have team names that support proximity and smash.” Then Nintendo will livestream the event. They said they canceled the plan. Tweets spread by word of mouth.

Did Nintendo drop the stream by the presence of team names such as InC # FreeMelee, Melee Nation, # FreeMelee 227?The company is not saying and not responding KotakuRequest for comment.

The tournament site Battlefy operated NAOpen on behalf of Nintendo, Slimy explained. Kotaku, And most communications from Battlefy and its representatives were made on publicly accessible Discord servers. The site allows players to register their own names and add them to brackets and lineups, allowing players to fill their tournaments professionally.Melee attack Team name.

Posted by a representative who helped Nintendo run the event through Battlefy on Saturday afternoon A short comment about the official Discord of the event. “We had to abandon the live stream of the finale of this tournament due to an unexpected execution challenge.”

The official reason was ambiguous and I could chalk almost anything, but Slimy and others were convinced that was the real reason. Splatoon 2 Players and teams were visibly showing support Melee attack An event called The Big House that was recently canceled with the community.

last month, Nintendo has sent a cease and desist to the organizers of the Big House, Popular annuals Super Smash Bros. DX competition. Organizers said Nintendo opposed the planned use of Slippi in the competition. Melee attack It enables better online play. Play without mod Melee attack— GameCube game released in 2001 — Online had a hard time.Fan-created Slippi has significantly improved performance Melee attack Online, rollback net code addition, A must-have for online fighting games.. This was important. That’s because the Covid-19 pandemic continues this year, effectively hosting a big house event online. However, Nintendo intervened and threw a C & D at the event, which was canceled and offended many players in the process.

Fast forward for a few weeks until last weekend. Splatoon 2 The North American Open final was to be streamed live on December 6th, featuring top teams that passed qualifying.Prior to that day, many teams registered for the tournament Use a name that directly references recent Melee attack shut down..

All this news was shared with the community Via a tweet from Slimy that became a hot topic, Thousands of retweets and likes.In addition, another group of Discord’s representatives of the Battefly connection Finals streaming is not allowed..


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In response to all this, the community has begun to discuss what they can do to push it back.

On Sunday morning EndGameTV, Fun run Splatoon And smash Streaming organizations not connected to Nintendo, Announcement With the help of fans, the group will keep its own Splatoon 2 final. This event is called “Squid House” which directly refers to the Big House.The· Splatoon 2 The team that was supposed to play that day at Nintendo’s official event dropped out of the tournament hours before they were supposed to play, and the event wasn’t held. It looks like the top four sections have been removed from the event’s Battlefy page.

Screenshots shared with KotakuShowed that the team left the event for a vague reason, unlike why Nintendo canceled the stream. “Wow, that’s crazy. One of the players came up with something at the same time, so we wouldn’t be able to make it either.”

The squid house tournament, which was held overnight, was held as scheduled on December 6th. Team FT Wave Dash wins the event And prize pool $ 25,000Raised by fans during the tournament. The contest also raised over $ 3,000 for charity. According to SlimyThe squid house bounty pool was the largest seen at the western venue Splatoon 2 tournament.

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