Nintendo confirms that Niantic’s Pikmin mobile game is scheduled for this year

Developer of Pokemon GO announced by Nintendo of America earlier this year Niantic is developing a Pikmin playtest It really turned blue because it didn’t really come to the forefront of anyone’s mind. In Nintendo’s latest earnings announcement, the Kyoto-based company mentioned the Pikmin AR game for iOS and Android, saying the game will be released later this year.Singapore mobile gamer I had a chance When I tried the app during a short beta test, it sounded pretty promising. Hopefully we should hear about it sooner.

“In the mobile business, we will focus on continuing to operate previously released applications, along with Niantic’s Pikmin-featured applications scheduled for late 2021, to encourage more consumers to continue. We will continue to work on it. Enjoy these applications. “


“Niantic’s AR technology allowed us to experience the world as if Pikmin secretly lived around us. A new experience that is different from traditional games, with the theme of making walking fun. Our mission is to provide people with Pikmin and we hope that this app will be your life partner. “

Shigeru Miyamoto


Nintendo confirms Niantic’s Pikmin mobile game is scheduled for this year

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