Nintendo Download: December 31 (North America)

The latest Nintendo download update for North America has arrived. This will add a wealth of new games to your local e-shop. As always, drop a vote on our poll and comment below on your potential picks for the week. pleasant!

SwitcheShop-New Release

# Christmas, Super Puzzle Dream (Jorge Biedma Azuar, December 31, $ 5.99) -Take the puzzle to the next level with “Super Puzzle Dream”, which combines classic jigsaw puzzles with “Tetromino” style dynamic mechanics.

Arcade Archives Gradius III (Hamster, December 24, $ 7.99) -“GRADIUS III” is a scroll shooting game released by Konami in 1989. The story of Pradius Gradius has changed from a legend to a myth. Challenge the Bacterion Empire in epic space battles.

Cave digging (Mekiwi, December 28, $ 14.90) -Prepare to explore the depths of towns and mountains. Digging up rock with a hard swing, earning Mother Earth rewards and exchanging mined valuables for new gadgets. Outside the salon, an abandoned town awaits a savior!

Comic coloring (RedDeerGames, December 28, $ 0.00) -Cool characters, friendly colors, and funny stories bring real fun to every kid. The Comic Coloring Book brings this amazing and useful experience to Nintendo Switch. The hero you will love This coloring book follows the adventures of a brother who found a rare toy in one of the games Robot and Alpacorn.

DEEMO-Reborn- (Rayark, December 31, $ 25.00) -A girl who fell from the sky and lost her past. Deemo playing the piano alone in the world of a tree house. A chance encounter between the two. Music plays when your finger hits the piano keyboard.

FUZE player (FUZE Technologies, December 28, $ 0.99) -Hundreds of games have been developed using the award-winning FUZE4 Nintendo Switch coding app. The FUZE Showcase Gallery was created to highlight the best posts. However, many of these are so good that FUZE has decided that it is best to make them available outside the FUZE community.

Alone logic (Hook game, January 1, $ 4.99) –Hitori Logic plays in a grid of squares or cells, with each cell initially containing a number. The game is played by removing the squares / numbers, which is done by marking them in red.

Hollow lily – resurrection (Navila Software Japan, December 28, $ 6.99) -In early winter, bodyguard Red accepted a mission by the noble female butler Hannah to protect the noble young female Claudia for a vacation to Yuri’s post on the northern border. There they met the servant Lynn, the servant Karl, the postmaster Patra, and the strange poet Frank.

Mia picnic (Nellyvision, December 28, $ 11.49) -Help Mia explore tropical islands on a spectacular summer picnic trip in this fast-paced, maniac, as many game as possible. Focus on what she needs and make an all-out fruit path to fill the basket with the right fruits. You can freeze the fruit for an icy treat or unpack the exotic Mosel box!

Monster Prom: XXL (Those Awesome Guys, May 21, $ 15.99) -It’s only 3 weeks to prom and there is no date yet. .. And you are a monster. But that’s okay. Because everyone else in your high school! Monster Prom: Read XXL Review

Pixel game maker series DUNGEON OF NAZARICK (Gotcha Gotcha Games, December 28, $ 14.99) –Dungeon of Nazarick is a classic style action game based on the amazing dark fantasy world of Overlord III with Pixel Game Maker MV.

Field plowing puzzle (Piotr Skalski, December 28, $ 2.99) Solve puzzles with -50 additional levels. The purpose of the game is simple. It passes through all areas, leaving nothing behind and without passing twice.

Speed ​​track race (SuperPowerUpGames, January 1, $ 9.99) -In speed track racing, you can enjoy the dirtiest, fastest and most spectacular races at speeds over 150mph and avoid multiple collisions with 14 enemies.

Tap tap corps (YFC Game, December 28, $ 3.99) -The devil destroyed the royal wedding and took our queen away. Fortunately, our king fled immediately. .. .. Well, knights, soldiers, and even peasants are ready to go! Our king needs his queen tonight!

Innsmouth case (Assemble Entertainment, December 28, $ 14.99) -A desperate mother, a missing girl, and a mysterious place-The incident will not be any harder. But to solve the mysterious disappearance of the small Tabisa Wetlands, the toughest and smartest detectives of all are needed. .. .. But he doesn’t have the time-and the job goes to you.

Virus: Outbreak (Forever Entertainment, December 28, $ 9.99) –VIRUS: The Outbreak allows players to face the latest inspirational topics-a dangerous virus pandemic. Your job as a leader in the Global Health Organization (GHO) is to contain the spread of the virus and save humanity before it’s too late.


Rotate your engine for some nitro fuel fun – Rejoin Crash Bandicoot in the driver’s seat for a fully remastered game trial Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuel Available at the game, Nintendo eShop. Until January 5, 2021, members of Nintendo Switch Online will be able to enjoy the game to enjoy a full-scale race. With 40 courses, customizable vehicles, a set of powerful game modes, lots of characters to unlock, you can enjoy lots of nitro fuel adventures with local play or online multiplayer options. I will.

This is the end of this week’s Nintendo download in North America. Continue to become a sport, vote for the vote above and comment on the hot pick below!

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