Nintendo eShop struggles with Monster Hunter Rise demo release • .net

It went down for maintenance.

The release of the Monster Hunter Rise demo last night seems to have crashed the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Capcom’s next Beastie Basher trial was released late last night, following Nintendo Direct, which is full of juicy new details about the game.

Switch owners have reported struggling to download the demo overnight. I can’t access the Switch eShop in the UK this morning. At the time of writing this, when I try to connect to the eShop, I get the following message:

“The server is currently under maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please try again later.

For more information on server status and maintenance schedules, see the Nintendo Support website:

The currently displayed Nintendo Switch eShop error message.

As Monster Hunter fan Matt Wales wrote yesterday, Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled for March 26th-this will be a great early peak of the game for fans.

This includes a basic training quest that teaches players the basics of a new fight-like wire bug mechanic, and a Wyvern riding training quest that introduces newly announced new features-players in iron silk. Even attacking other creatures in combat that can be caught on the backs of large monsters control their movements.

And once you master the basics, players can try out real Monster Hunter. There is a beginner quest to defeat Great Izuchi and an intermediate quest to see the resurrection of the wonderful bubble dragon Mizutsune of Monster Hunter X. These can be played either solo or co-op via local / online play.

The demo is currently set to expire on January 31st-hopefully the e-shop will be back online by then.


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