Nintendo especially prohibits Japanese partners from working with yakuza

Nintendo’s contract has official provisions that regulate Japanese developers and publishers who cannot work with organized crime groups such as the yakuza. Documentation and details about the internal workings of the gaming industry are published as part of the ongoing process. Epic Games vs. Apple Trial. The result is a round of highly confidential and heavily edited Nintendo documents. In that document there is a section on “anti-social forces”. Stephen Totilo from Axios Gaming.

This document states that if a “content provider” is based in Japan, it cannot be an “anti-social force” or a “gangster” (a Japanese term for “violent group” or organized crime group). I am. In effect, this document imposes a black-and-white ban on partners working with the yakuza.If a developer or issuer wishes to work with Nintendo, “give financial benefits to antisocial forces,” “use threats or violence in connection with transactions,” or “by spreading Nintendo’s business. It is also not allowed to “interfere with the body’s business.” The document reads, “False rumors of fraud and power.”

Of course, this does not prevent Nintendo from working with game studios that make games about organized crime groups in Japan (such as the Yakuza series of Ryu ga Hong series). However, in the past, Yakuza series producer Daisuke Sato has stated that Nintendo Switch is not the “ideal” platform for developing yakuza games.

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