Nintendo hacker stealing “confidential information” for 3 years in prison

Ryan Hernandez, a 21-year-old hacker who repeatedly violated Nintendo’s internal network, was sentenced to three years in prison. Earlier this year, he pleaded guilty to charges related to hacking and possession of child pornography.

In 2016, Hernandez used a phishing technique to steal Nintendo employee credentials and leak information about the switch before it went on sale. When contacted by the FBI in 2017, he was still a minor, but told them he had promised to stop any further malicious activity.

However, he was less aware of this warning and leaked Nintendo’s secret between June 2018 and June 2019. During this time, he hacked “multiple” Nintendo servers, stole “confidential information” and “bragged” online about hacking abuse. .. An agent searched his home in late June 2019 and found thousands of illegal files, including sensitive Nintendo files.

He agreed to pay $ 259,323 as compensation to Nintendo in addition to his three years of service. After being released from prison, he must complete seven years of supervised release and be registered as a sex offender.

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