Nintendo needs to sell older games better

Super Mario 64 is only available until the end of March (Photo: Nintendo)

Readers are dissatisfied with how Nintendo handles back catalogs, and it’s impossible to play many classic games on Switch.

Can I preface what I’m going to say at Nintendo?

Strangely, it surprises me that Nintendo isn’t doing as much as it can with its legacy content. It is very likely that they will make money.

First, there is the element of nostalgia. They just don’t make them like they used to. Fans are keen to relive their childhood games. A quick search for Nintendo on eBay or CeX reveals that many first-party Nintendo games and their respective consoles are looking for what I call stupid money. Paper Mario: The Millennium Door often goes north for £ 90, and there is no other way to get that experience.

Zelda, Marios and Pokemon games are easier to buy than the retail prices at the time. Isn’t Nintendo blind to this popularity? Simple ports will sell even in digital-only releases, without new bells or whistles. Certainly easy money.

Then there are new Nintendo fans. The Switch will be Nintendo’s best-selling console to date. For them there is a huge new Nintendo fan that this is their first Nintendo console, their first Zelda, their first Mario. So I’m interested to go back to check out the old titles.

This applies not only to their big titles, but potentially to their small franchises. For example, Pikmin 3 Deluxe is the best-selling entry in the series. Not for the Pikmin fan corps, but for the Nintendo fan corps who wants to try something with the Nintendo approval sticker. If the old title is available in some way, it will surely sell. Certainly easy money.

Next, there are franchises that have been ignored. Perhaps if neglected franchises such as Metroid, Star Fox, F Zero, Wave Race, 1080 ° Snowboard, Pilotwings, etc. are further exposed on the switch, Nintendo will not only measure interest, but also one of these franchises. I will revive it. Potentially huge.

Yes, the wedding anniversary collection is perfect for celebrating a franchise. If all back catalogs are already available, it may dilute these celebrations. But is certainly sustainable revenue from downloading older titles better than bursts from big push anniversary celebrations? They could probably run promotions on downloads at these times.

The Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection sells like pancakes (limited quantity pancakes), but it’s a good idea to make these titles available for purchase at any time. Is it certain that the same minimal effort will be more rewarding as it becomes more available, especially given the minimal effort that appears to be in this collection?

I’m not saying that everything should be free with Switch membership, but locking all back catalog Disney Vault styles is outdated and an alternative (legality) to play these titles. It just pushes people into the (low) means.

I think the Nintendo Switch Online membership giveaway is great. Perhaps they resent paying for NES, SNES, and Game Boy games as much as they want, but the N64, Game Boy Advance, and DS are willing to fork some game quizzes here and there. .. GameCube, Wii, and 3DS can be £ 10 to £ 20 depending on the title. Easy money, come to Nintendo.

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Nintendo need to do better at selling their old games – Reader’s Feature

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