Nintendo president wants to avoid “nodding” on the switch, it needs to be kept fresh

Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful companies to date, surpassing all other consoles except the Wii. Despite these big numbers, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa hasn’t rested and said he wants to avoid the big dips that most Nintendo systems will see years later.

Nintendo talked to Nikkei Business (and translated by Kotaku) and explained that, with the exception of Switch, they saw the business “slump” when the console reached middle age. The Switch is now four years old, so it looks like it’s at least in middle age, but it’s still doing well in both gaming and hardware.

“For this reason, neither myself nor the people in the company believe that the status quo will continue,” he added.

This may be the reason why I haven’t even seen the last revision of Switch hardware. If the system wasn’t as successful as the Wii U, it would make sense that Nintendo was already preparing to launch a complete successor to the switch. Instead, I’ve heard reports of upgraded switches with OLED screens and 4K docking output instead.

It remains to be seen if Nintendo’s desire for major innovation will help in the future. Given the great appeal of Switch as a hybrid device, it will be difficult to return to Nintendo’s system. I could not do it Can be used as a handheld and traditional console. Still, if there’s one thing Nintendo is good at, it gives us something we didn’t know we wanted until we got it.

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