Nintendo Purchases Next Level Games, Developer of Luigi’s Mansion 3 • .net

Next Level Games, the talented Canadian developer behind Luigi’s Mansion 3, will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Nintendo.

Nintendo Presentation Agreed to buy developers this morning, awaiting shareholder and regulatory approval.

The Vancouver-based studio has long been a Nintendo ally. The popular Mario soccer spin-off Super Mario Strikers and its sequel, and the Wii punchout !!

In 2016, Next Level Games had a memorable mission to create a Metroid spin-off with little use of series star Samus. As a result, the Metroid Prime Federation Force has become widespread.

But it has also become a new home in the Luigi’s Mansion series. First with a decent 3DS stub dark moon, then recently with a fun switch entry, Luigi’s Mansion 3.

It’s a relatively rare step for Nintendo to take out a wallet and buy a complete external studio, but there are other examples such as Retro Studios (snapped up in 2002) and Monolith Soft (purchased in 2007). ..

Next Level Games said in 2014 that the time to create licensed movie tie-ups was over (previously doing many of these) and now it will be working exclusively with Nintendo. ..

The terms and conditions of the transaction have not been announced, but are expected to be completed by March 1. Would you like to roll back Luigi’s Mansion 4?


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