Nintendo, RomUniverse Pirated Game Proceedings $ 2.1 Million

Nintendo of America has been sought for $ 2.1 million in damages after winning a proceeding against pirated game seller RomUniverse. Nintendo originally filed a lawsuit in September 2019 seeking $ 15 million in damages. The proceeding was decided in favor of Nintendo, but the judge chose a lower amount: $ 2,115,000.

TorrentFreak first reported Nintendo’s victory last week.

RomUniverse was originally run by Matthew Storman, who lives in California. He claimed in court that he did not upload the pirated game. However, Nintendo said in its initial complaint that the site offers as much as $ 30 a year in membership, allowing subscribers to download games faster than non-subscribers.

By demonstrating that kind of benefit from Nintendo’s copyrighted work, the company won a $ 2.1 million ruling. According to Nintendo, the Rom Universe had a catalog of both old and new Nintendo games that had been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

Nintendo has previously won similar proceedings in both the United States and the United Kingdom, including a $ 12.2 million settlement against ROM sellers. The company is well known for cracking down on what it finds to be stealing intellectual property. Several proceedings are underway against the creators and resellers of the Nintendo Switch hack.

The proceedings are not limited to civil proceedings. In 2020, two hackers, including one named Gary Bowser, were arrested and charged with 11 felony charges. Nintendo filed a proceeding against Bowser this year, alleging similar copyright infringement for creating and selling a switch hack. Nintendo, in one of its previous proceedings, called this type of piracy a “serious and aggravating international problem.”

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