Nintendo shares tips for keeping the switch and Joy-Con sterile

While switches may be all about sharing joy, it’s also important to keep your system clean to prevent the spread of bacteria and keep your devices and controllers in the best possible condition.

With this in mind, Nintendo recommends using alcohol-based products to disinfect hybrid systems and Joy-Con.

If the product needs to be disinfected, as described on the company’s English support web page, “lightly apply” a consumer disinfectant containing about “70%” alcohol to a soft, clean cloth. Gently wipe the product. The Japanese support page has some additional warnings when cleaning Switch and Joy-Con with alcohol-based products.

-Do not use alcohol that is not intended for disinfection such as fuel. The equipment may be damaged.
-Do not apply the disinfectant directly to the device or immerse the device in the disinfectant. Moisture contained in the alcohol disinfectant may get inside and damage the equipment.
-After disinfection, make sure that it is completely dry before using. If you use it when it is not dry, it may be damaged.
-If your device fails without following these precautions, you may be charged for repairs.

Earlier this year, Nintendo instructed users to stop using alcohol-containing products in their Switch hardware and accessories because “plastic parts can fade or deform.”

Do you regularly disinfect Switch and Joy-Con? Do you clean it from time to time? Please let us know in the comments.

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