Nintendo Switch OLED: Is there a release date, price, and power boost?

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The surprise announcement finally revealed the existence of the Switch Pro, but it’s actually called the Nintendo Switch OLED.

In a successful attempt to prove they were never unpredictable, Nintendo officially announced their highly rumored upgrade console, which is called the Nintendo Switch OLED.

The new console, previously known only by Switch Pro fan names, was scheduled to be announced at E3 last month, but for some reason Nintendo has a release date of October 8th and $ 350 (£ 253). I’ve been waiting for the price tag to be announced.

As the name implies, the new version of the console features a new OLED screen that is 7 inches instead of the original 6.2 inches. The current switch model has only an LCD screen, so the new model allows for much more realistic colors and higher contrast.

How much is the UK Nintendo Switch OLED?

There is no UK price yet, but the original US price for the Switch was $ 300, now £ 280 in the UK. So you’re probably looking at the Nintendo Switch OLED price for around £ 320 here.

The Switch OLED is about the same size as the original Switch, slightly thicker from 242mm to 239mm. Battery life is the same at 4.5-9 hours, and the resolution remains 720p despite other changes to the screen.

There are also docks with wider kickstands and physical LAN ports, as rumors suggest. In addition, it has 64GB of internal storage instead of 32GB, which is a bit heavy, from 420g to 398g.

Improvements in audio from the speakers are also promised, but the Joy-Cons are exactly the same as the current model (although I hope there is less chance of drifting).

Nintendo Switch OLED console

Better screen but same power (Photo: Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch OLEDs are available in two colors: white and traditional neon blue and neon red.

Nintendo literally dropped this news without prior warning, so details may be revealed later today, but at this point it’s more powerful than the existing version, or supports 4K resolution on the TV. There seems to be no suggestion that there is.


The official website doesn’t mention anything about power upgrades, so the Switch OLED is basically just a mod like the Switch Lite, with a larger screen, more internal storage, and a slightly enhanced dock. Is equipped with.

That’s all very desirable, but rumors about whether there is a “real” Switch Pro will start soon.

Given that the interior of OLED is now four years old and wasn’t at the cutting edge in 2017, it’s surprising that Nintendo didn’t try any boosts, especially in light of the release. Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5

But if it doesn’t raise more questions than it answers, it won’t be Nintendo’s announcement …

Update 2:

Nintendo has confirmed with The Verge that the Switch OLED specifications are exactly the same as the original version.

“The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) does not have the new CPU or RAM from the previous Nintendo Switch model.”

Nintendo Switch OLED console

Surprise announcement, a kind (Photo: Nintendo)

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Nintendo Switch OLED is out October but there’s no power boost for long-awaited Switch Pro

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