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More room for less money

If you own a switch, you may be familiar with storage-based issues on your machine. The mere 32GB built into the base console tends to fill up quickly.

In fact, as soon as you buy some medium-sized games, you need to find a way to upgrade. To do this, you will need a Nintendo Switch SD card.

Although required, additional storage is not the most exciting purchase. Fortunately, this Black Friday has a deal that makes it relatively painless. At the very least, you can be happy to save some money.

Depending on what you’re looking for, Amazon has several notable MicroSD card discounts.

Today, the cheapest option that doesn’t run out of room in a blink of an eye is the 128GB SanDisk Micro SD card. They sell for £ 13.99, which means SanDisk has knocked off £ 2. Or, at least, as Amazon claims, these models have been around £ 20 these days. This is probably one deal that is better than it looks.

But if you need an SD card that’s worth the money and has a long switch life, it’s not a big step to the 200GB version at this time. The regular price is £ 34.72, but with the current 45% discount, it’s only £ 18.99. Don’t look too dirty!

If you’re looking for a top SD card in the range, there’s also a 256GB variant licensed by Nintendo. This is usually not recommended as it is quite expensive. The only real advantage of being official is the decoration of a small star that you will never see. (The card isn’t invincible either.) It’s pretty attractive because it’s currently sold at half price, but it’s still as high as £ 39.99. It really depends on whether you have cash to splash and if you think you can use an additional 56GB!

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