Nintendo talks about Switch Online, “continuing to evolve services”

Nintendo talks about Switch Online, “continuing to evolve services”

Posted by Brian on December 16, 2020 (@NE_Brian) News, switch

Nintendo of America President Dougbauser touched on Switch Online service during an interview polygon..

This site introduced how you’ve seen exclusive titles such as Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros. 35. If this is a positive strategy for getting people to subscribe, Bowser replied:

“We continue to monitor how people are involved in the service. The top two reasons people buy a Nintendo Switch Online subscription today are to be able to play games online. 2 Second, you can participate in content like those just mentioned, as well as Super Mario Bros. 35 and Tetris 99. There is also a catalog of NES and SNES titles. Currently, over 100 titles are available. How many of them? It’s now possible to play in a multiplayer format that wasn’t in the original, so there’s a high level of involvement on that side, but these are the top two reasons people choose to subscribe. And with cloud saves and a few other benefits, we will continue to evolve our services to offer new and fresh features and games. Everyone. “

Polygon also raised the possibility that Nintendo would offer something like a game pass, and Bowser said the company wanted to offer an option: “A connection rate of 8.0 or higher for all switch units installed in the last four years. There is. “

Especially for things like the Game Pass on Switch, Bowser said:

“… We are always looking at different ways we can currently attract consumers. Available with our catalog, whether through Nintendo Switch Online or through frontline game purchases. A third-party publishing catalog has shown that this is actually possible. “

Nintendo talks Switch Online, will “continue to evolve the service”

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