Nintendo theme parks look great

Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World Assumption Open everBut something you know has happened. It’s almost done, and at least we can admire it from a distance by pressing a nasty face against the glass, even if we’re not likely to travel there right away.

The park, which is scheduled to open next spring, seems to have made a dream come true.Photos published by Sankei News Last month, at least externally, shows that things are almost done. Enter the park from the area at the bottom left of the photo (Peach Castle, See more clearly in another photo), And you’ll notice that you’re standing in a space that incorporates some of the most iconic Mario From toad homes to common platform stages to ice levels, places you can imagine.

There are coin blocks everywhere —For a reason— And the back of the park is dominated by Mario Kart Fully equipped with ride comfort, huge rendering of Bowser Castle, and N64-style polygonal styling.

Everything seems incredible, of course, but at least the wildest thing for me is how close the whole thing is to the original concept art. That is, look at this image below and compare it to the final structure at the top. The real thing seems to rise even higher than art, so in some cases, like the flagpole section on the right, I could do almost everything.

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image: Universal Studios Japan

Imagine standing there.At the ground level, the “holes” in the scaffolding are completely invisible and are surrounded by Mario’s.. That would be very good.

These are all Other Super Nintendo Land under construction in Los Angeles, Construction started last month.. Great for people who don’t want to travel to Japan or who are more patient.

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