Nintendo US President Doug Bauzer on the Impact of COVID-19

This year, almost everyone was affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Nintendo was unavoidable because it was influenced by many things and influenced the plan.We saw Switch shipment is slow,That Repair center will be temporarily closed, More.

Nintendo’s US President Doug Bowser discussed the situation further in an interview polygon. When asked how the coronavirus affected Nintendo, Bowser said:

“Especially in the early days, when organizing what’s happening at retailers, how consumers consume content in terms of media content, and where to get news and entertainment. I was affected because it would force us to potentially pivot some of the marketing aspects.

Obviously, my responsibility lies with the Nintendo of America. Nintendo is a sales and marketing function. We worked closely with the Japanese parent company to understand the potential impact on the development cycle and whether it would change on all release schedules. Keeping the momentum we’ve seen so far in response to seeing it and understanding which parts of the evergreen catalog can be inserted and driven, as the dates may have changed slightly. I’m trying to continue. In the period. “

Later, when Polygon asked if a particular game was able to fill the gap, Bowser added:

“Yes. We’ll look at different factors. First, we’ll talk a lot about our target audience and our target audience through different campaigns and different initiatives. Second, we’ll talk about hardware and software. In both, we look at the content we come in and decide how it fits into those audiences and how we want to communicate. And we’re new all year round. Has a stable beat with good release.

What’s unique about Nintendo is that our content is released all year round. But then, whether it’s AAA house or indie developers, look at content from third-party publishing partners and find a way to put them into slots. And one of Nintendo’s unique points is its strength. Evergreen Catalog, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and how do you fit them into your message? So there is news and conversations that can be done all year round. And obviously, it’s rising during the pandemic and to really understand that things are changing. We had to be flexible, we had to be agile, we had to move them. “

Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser on the impact of COVID-19

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