Nintendo’s proceedings target yet another Nintendo Switch hacker

Nintendo has filed a proceeding against another person who sells Nintendo Switch hack hardware. This time, we have filed a proceeding against an Amazon seller who previously tried to suspend it through the DMCA.

According to Polygon, the Nintendo of America has filed a lawsuit against Amazon seller Le Hoang Minh, promoting piracy by peddling using technology that opens the system to play pirated games. I accused him of doing so.

The technology in question is the RCM loader. This is a device used to jailbreak Nintendo Switch and use the console in ways Nintendo did not intend. This includes the ability to play pirated Nintendo Switch games and make illegal copies of legitimate Switch game cards.

“The defendant’s illegal activity has caused serious financial damage to Nintendo and will continue to do so,” the proceedings shared by Polygon allege. “Nintendo’s copyrighted games and game software are essential to the popularity of the Nintendo Switch console. Nintendo’s business inevitably relies on licensed license sales of genuine copies of video games, and third parties It relies on the trust we have built over decades with game developers. “

“Game developers operate with a guarantee that no one who does not legally purchase the game will distribute or use the game illegally. Nintendo operates consoles and copyrighted games. We continue to invest in technical safeguards to protect ourselves. Users cannot use the console to play pirated games. “

It’s not the first time Nintendo has filed a lawsuit to remove cheat makers and providers from the photos. The latest proceedings take place just weeks after retailer Uberchips was ordered to pay Nintendo $ 2 million for its Switch Hack sales. In that proposed ruling, the seller was ordered to destroy Nintendo’s infringing files and devices and ban the sale of similar products in the future.

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