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The costumes registered in China scored points in five of the nine races held so far this year, finishing sixth in Oliver Turvey in Riyadh and recording the best results of the Gen2 era. did.

With six races still taking place in 2020/21, the team has already exceeded the total points of the last two seasons.

However, he is still firmly in 12th place at the bottom of the team’s championship, 24 points behind the next Dragon Pensuke outfit, which has only scored three points this season.

Chief Technology Officer Duncan Reycock said the NIO 333 is happy with the steps it took in 2021 from the bottom of last season, but the team is far more likely to be in the New York doubleheader this weekend. I expected it to be placed in a high position.

“Yes, that has a certain element,” Raycock told Autosport when asked if it would hurt to see the NIO333’s performance not translate into a more favorable championship position.

“We definitely have more expectations, but looking at the number of winners so far this year and the closeness of qualifying, we can be proud of what we have achieved. It’s very The competition is fierce, all teams are closed and the time to cover the entire grid is really very short.

“Yes, we want to be higher than we are now. Our original goal was to score some points we achieved, but given our performance earlier this year, We want to raise expectations and move up whether we manage it or not.

“I think a good start this year has definitely reset the rest of the year’s goals.”

Despite a considerable point difference from Dragon Pensuke, Raycock pointed out how Venturi’s Edoardo Mortara moved from 11th place to the top of the driver’s ranking in the two-race space, the last part of the season. I still believe I can move up in the rankings after winning in Puebla and 3rd place.

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“We can see it from the Venturi weekend in Mexico,” he said. “There is no runaway leader. When you get two podiums, you suddenly find yourself leading the championship.

“So, with some good results, we can make a big step forward in the championship. That’s how the dragon found so many points in front of us. They have some opportunities. Yes, Riyadh was the main opportunity.

“I got a lot of points because it was definitely maximized when others failed.

“People now seem to be summarizing their actions, so it’s a bit more status quo in the order of poking, but we still hope we can take advantage of it to improve performance and take a step forward. I’m out. “

The NIO 333 introduced a significant update to Puebla in the last timeout, but the results at the Mexican venue felt that it “does not necessarily reflect” where it should be in the poking order.

Raycock says the team is slowly but steadily approaching the regular point finisher, taking the first podium under current ownership.

“From the previous season when the team was virtually a few seconds away from the back of the puck, we’re definitely a mix where we’re regular midfield, occasional point scorers, and our plan is to be regular point scorers. And I’m edging towards that elusive podium, “said Raycock. “That’s what we want.

“I don’t think it’s possible to put a car on a pole without a favorable situation, but the benefits alone can make it into the top 10.”

The NIO 333 will move to a new facility in September at the end of the season as part of a plan to put all of its UK-based staff under one roof.

Previously, employees were divided into Donington Park Workshops and Oxford Innovation Centers.

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NIO 333 was disappointed to be the last in Formula E rankings despite the 2021 leap NIO 333 was disappointed to be the last in Formula E rankings despite the 2021 leap

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