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E-commerce has been on the rise for over a decade, but the coronavirus struck 2020 is forever known as the year of the explosion.Buying a brand new car isn’t what you call it, but non-contact shopping for essentials has become important to many. Essential.. Still, many dealers have taken special steps to attract new car buyers. Nissan Further advanced the pilot program of online car shopping called Nissan @Home.

It started as a test run during the summer. Instead of bypassing the dealer Nissan @ Home I see the dealer handle the entire process remotely over the internet. This includes scheduling and completing the test drive of the vehicle, the actual purchase process and final delivery. Seven US dealers participated in the summer pilot program, which seems to have been a huge success. A Nissan dealership in Virginia says the program has nearly doubled the closing rate of sales.

That’s why Nissan is now Nissan @ Home Online service nationwide. Dealers can register as part of the program. This is completely optional, but Nissan believes it will be available to customers nationwide by the spring of 2021.

“”Nissan @ Home Dan Mohnke, vice president of e-commerce at Nissan, said: “Through this new program, Nissan dealers will be able to provide a better customer experience and help improve their business performance. This is first important to Nissan and of great value to our customers. “

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While many customers will likely prefer a streamlined online buying experience “on condition,” hesitation from some retailers can be an issue. Without face-to-face communication, dealers may lose the opportunity to upsell various model buyers or common additional items such as vehicle accessories and extended warranty. Perhaps the process isn’t completely digital, but it’s certainly a step away from the traditional dealer model.

As we did Recently seen at Cadillac dealers, Nissan officials say, but you may not want to evolve with the times Customers have the option to purchase an extended warranty. Vehicle accessories are not yet included in the program, but may be added in the near future.

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Nissan develops online car purchasing service after successful test run Nissan develops online car purchasing service after successful test run

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