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The· Rockies Bud Black told reporters that he would like to add another bat to the lineup, preferably to the right of the outfield or infield.Including Thomas Harding on It leaves many options for GM Jeff Bridich and the front office, but Harding casts doubt on Colorado playing at the top or second tier of the free agent market.Rocky Mountains Discussed This offseason with a free agent outfielder Kevin PillarAfter being acquired by the Red Sox in a mid-season trade, it performed reasonably well in Colorado last season. The Rockies got almost nothing from their 1st and 2nd bases in 2020.Free agent market Pretty deep In the latter position.

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  • The· Phillies This winter, we refurbished our front office, appointed Dave Dombrowski as president of baseball operations, and promoted Samfaldo as general manager. Dombrowski has the final say on personnel decisions. It’s not the responsibility of him planning to give up soon, but Dombrowski says that part of his job is to prepare Frud to potentially lead his own front office someday. I admitted. “”I’m just starting a Phillies organization, so I’m not going to move. I have a lot of energy and want to do this for a while.Dombrowski told reporters (Includes Corey Seidman from NBC Sports Philadelphia). “”But I’m not 44 years old. I am 64 years old And if I’m doing my job right and we’re doing it right, as Sam progresses, he’ll be the one who makes that type of decision, the final decision. That is my goal.Sidman has recorded a quick rise in Frud as an executive in a work that is completely worth reading.
  • The· Phillies I was in a team interested in right-handedness Jose Ureña, John Hayman of MLB Network (Twitter link).Urena was finally signed 1 year contract With the Tigers. The 29-year-old spent his entire professional career with Miami’s Phils division rivals, pitching to 4.60 ERA / 4.74 FIP during part of his six seasons with the Marlins.
  • The· Cardinal St. Louis Post-Dispatch Derrick Gould has been looking for a “cash-neutral” deal this winter. Reader email bag.. More specifically, Goold feels that the framework by which St. Louis moves MLB pitching for the offensive help ready for Major League Baseball makes some sense. The Cardinals batter was ranked only 19th in the league as a whole in last season’s park-adjusted hits, with particularly disastrous work from outfielders. The St. Louis organization was expected to be a generally quiet off-season after President Bill DeWitt Jr. insisted on the baseball industry.Not very profitable“In June. Nevertheless, front offices considering cash-neutral trading suggest that they probably have no organizational obligation to further reduce costs. St. Louis is now in 2021. We expect salaries to be around $ 131 million. For each roster resource, After starting the 2020 season in the $ 167 million range (before apportionment).

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NL Note: Rocky, Phillies, Frud, Urena, Cardinals NL Note: Rocky, Phillies, Frud, Urena, Cardinals

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