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Brandon Moreno I believe Daveson Figueiredo It would have been possible without his tough weight loss and pre-combat antiques.

Moreno realized his dream on Saturday night (June 12th). He challenged Figueiredo at the UFC Flyweight Championship. The title rematch served as a joint main event for UFC 263. The two fought a majority draw at their first meeting in late 2020. In the rematch, Moreno won £ 125 gold. Force a tap with a rear-naked choke In the third round.

There was a lot to do when it came to Figueiled’s performance. Some believe he’s a little off, but he believes it may have been his weight loss. At a post-war press conference, Moreno told reporters that he believed that Figueiredo had lost too much weight.

“Man, we need to be honest. He lost too much weight. I don’t think it’s necessary. This sport is very difficult because you lose weight because you want some advantage in the fight. You are stronger. I want to feel, and you want to feel with more energy than your opponent. But in reality, humans are implantable figurines crying after gaining weight, and at the last moment of time. It was very dramatic. I don’t think it’s necessary, but of course it’s not my decision. It’s his team and his decision. “

Figueiredo is known for maintaining aggression within the Octagon, but there was some trash from former UFC title holders for the match against Moreno. Figueiredo pushed Moreno at a press conference before the final match.

Moreno said the war of words would never adversely affect his performance.

“The man was very respectful. And I knew it. Man, he tried to put a special taste in the fight, do you know? Trying to be a bad guy But that doesn’t work for me. My way of thinking is different. So that guy is my (like) father, do you know? He has a family. He has a wife. So a man is a good person. Sometimes he tries too hard to be a bad guy, but that’s not necessary. “

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No need for both Figueiled weight loss and pre-combat antiques No need for both Figueiled weight loss and pre-combat antiques

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