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Sean Strickland Luke Rockhold They have been kicked out of the UFC268 battle.

Lock hold on Monday night Taken to his Instagram story to announce that he’s out of the comeback fight Against Strickland. A former middleweight champion revealed a herniated disc on his back that he forced him out of the fight.

“There’s really no easy way to say that, but the fight is off in New York,” Rockhold said in him. Instagram story About getting out of the battle of Strickland. “I ended up with a hernia on my back disc. L4, L5. The documentation says it’s not something I can play with. I need to take some time for treatment and recovery. Intended to be Some haven’t. Mother hooking in New York, New York. Sorry for my friends, peeping, and everyone, but I’ll be back again. Until next time. “

This news was undoubtedly disappointing to many, as Rockhold vs. Strickland was a battle that many fans wanted to see. But Strickland says he’s not surprised by the news that Rockhold has been kicked out of the game.

“He wasn’t going to get to Lumao in battle … no one was surprised. I spared him once and almost kicked him out .. I left Jim’s lmao without sparing in the second round either. .. I knew this wasn’t happening, “Strickland wrote.

Sean Strickland has been astounding since returning from a motorcycle accident that forced him to retire from MMA. When he returned to Halloween night in 2020, he dominated Jack Marshman, fought only two weeks later, and TKO Brendan Allen. He then defeated Christoph Yotoko and Uriah Hall in the decision to be the first UFC main event.

Strickland is currently ranked 7th in the middleweight division, and it’s unclear at this point if the UFC will find an alternative to Rockhold.

Now that Luke Rockhold is out of the UFC 268 battle, who would you like to see the Sean Strickland battle?

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No one is surprised at Rockhold’s withdrawal of UFC268 No one is surprised at Rockhold’s withdrawal of UFC268

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