“No one would have blamed Novak Djokovic …” says a former ATP player. – Tennis Sports

Cameron Norrie has long warned about his relentless progress, and no one expected you to offer an impressive performance like the Indian Wells 2021, but his season is already spectacular. was. The British played five finals before arriving in the California desert.

Daniil Medvedev has established himself as the player with the most finals of the year, comparable to Novak Djokovic’s record, in his sixth title, the second title of the season after Los Cabos. , Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev, Andrey Rublev. He has participated in many games this season and won the championship.

Dell opens in Novak Djokovic

Donald Dell, co-founder of ATP, believes that Novak Djokovic’s motivation behind the launch of the Association of Professional Tennis Players (PTPA) should not be questioned. According to Dell, Djokovic is interested in protecting the interests of his peers and is not chasing financial rewards.

“Djokovic is certainly not doing this (PTPA) for himself,” wrote Donald Dell. “He doesn’t need money because he has more than $ 151 million in court income, not to mention the backing money.”

According to Dell, the fact that Djokovic turned his time and attention to PTPA despite being forced to appear in court proves that Serbs really care about the well-being of their peers.

“He doesn’t have to be distracted either,” Dell continued. “No one would have blamed him if he stepped aside and had Pospisil lift a heavy object when he pursued one of the most sacred feats of tennis. Roland Garros, Wimbledon, USA.

open. This season’s Grand Slam tournament has finally ended at the US Open 2021. With an exciting performance, I witnessed the best up-and-coming talent this season. Only a few months after the Australian Open 2022.

Just before the tournament, the Australian Open is building a new arena in Melbourne Park. The Australian Open 2022 is ready to open in January 2022. Most recently, a video of Melbourne Park’s new arena has appeared on social media.

The fresh new coat looks huge with its flashy blue seats. This modern court will undoubtedly evoke the atmosphere of Melbourne Park. At the Australian Open, matches are played primarily on four different capacity courts: Rod Laver Arena, Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne Arena and Show Court.

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“No one would have blamed Novak Djokovic …” says a former ATP player. “No one would have blamed Novak Djokovic …” says a former ATP player.

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