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Brett Maginty [1(0)-0] Jump passed the theoretical exam, the required lessons, passed the driving test directly, and is pleased that he appeared with a thrilling license.

Donegal’s Light Middle fought on the Hennessy Promotion Channel 5 broadcast card late Friday, so he didn’t get regular referrals to Pro Rank.

Oakleaf graduates embraced the fight against the dangerous Czechs Jan Ardon [2(0)-6(0)] For more than six rounds, I had to fight a late change that emerged in the light heavyweight division.

Taking these warnings into account, it was not surprising that the 22-year-old faced adversity and had to fight from time to time.

Sure, Maginty didn’t expect such a fight to be a paid bow time, but after enjoying the path to victory in such a tough fight, he’s happy to think later. ..

“I think it’s up to me to make the fight so fast,” McGinty told

“Many people made their debut after seeing fighters doing 8-10 battle-like tests in their careers, and thankfully hope they will be rewarded and useful in the future. I will. ”

His coach, legendary Ricky Hatton, had a similar view and was impressed with how his young Charge dealt with and carried out.

“Ricky was really happy with my performance. He said,” You showed your abilities and a lot of courage in your debut, that’s what many fighters don’t have to do. ” ..

The fact that McGinty gave a huge weight to the southpaw who knew around the ring at the time of his debut cast doubt on the making of the match.

However, although both he and his team were aware of the danger, he suggests that he had little choice but to fight.

It was Ardon who was waiting to throw the propanch until next year. Maginty didn’t want it. In addition, sparring the Czechs, he was always convinced of victory.

“To be honest, you may not have thought it was difficult to get started, but now you have fewer options.

“My opponent had to withdraw on Tuesday night and join the bubble on Wednesday, so when they suggested this fight to me, I knew I needed to take it.

“It’s been over 21 months since my last fight at the age of 22, so I wanted to get into the ring and make my debut. I didn’t care who would challenge me on the other side of the ring,” he added. Looking back on the challenges he faced and the fact that the pair recently sparred.

“It was a tough test against the opponent who came to win. It was a tricky start for me as he was obviously a southpaw, but he didn’t realize he would be my opponent during the camp. I sparred with him because he is also training from Manchester [having sparred] I was always confident in winning the fight. “

Not only did the fight see the valuable experience of Maginty Bank, he also gained many new fans.

A fun 6-round live on the ground always gets a lot of attention. The fighter himself guarantees that old and new fans can expect the same when they fight again.

“Throughout my career, I think people can expect a fun fight with me. That’s my style. I’m a positive and aggressive fighter, so my opponents don’t have to go looking for me and lots of fun I think I can participate in the battle. “

The Irish-themed St. Patrick’s Day card promoted by Hennessy Sports is being discussed on the podcast.

Brothers McKenna’s cards have been proposed, one of which, Stevie, is a stable companion to Maginty’s Hennessy promotion. March seems to be at least the target date for the return of Donegal fighters.

“Hennessy will be hosting two shows in March next year, so I’ll be back at that time. I’m planning to fight five more times next year and hope everything is on track. I’m looking forward to 2021. I’m really happy to be able to finish the challenging year at a high price. “

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No Pain No Profit – Brett Maginty Takes Much From Tough Debut – Irish Boxing No Pain No Profit – Brett Maginty Takes Much From Tough Debut – Irish Boxing

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