No perfect video game company, the last generation proved it

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Last generationLast generationLooking back on 2013-2020, the era of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For some reason, there are people out there who are fans of the entire video game company, as well as the creative output they produce. These people often suffer from a particular lineage of gamer brains, which can lead to ideas such as “this is my favorite company” or “this studio is perfect and all games are excellent”. there is.

I understand the reason. For some time, there has been a layer of companies (developers, publishers, or both) that are truly respected by such fans. Fans who thought they were in the world, or publishers who released only guaranteed hits, aren’t wrong. It was a short list, but it was impressive. There are prominent members such as Rockstar, Bethesda, BioWare, Blizzard and CD Project Red.

So-called fans of these companies may remember, not the individual series or games they released, but with their recent track record of success, they may have felt that the hits would last forever.Their heroes, who half-baked 2-bit publishers to fleece customers and released half-baked games, stood as an example of how to do things. correct..

Wrong. Almost every company I have listed has offended many people over the past seven years because of the quality of the games they have released, their public behavior, and both. And for those who mistakenly believe these companies are “good,” over time, nothing will change in this world, with the exception of death and Nintendo being all the exceptions I’ll write about. It reminded me.

Whatever the situation that made the studio seem perfect, the lightning bolts in the bottles captured in one or two console cycles at a time didn’t last long. The economics that underpin this industry are constantly changing, and companies are adapting to it, while at the same time the wider playing space in society is moving forever.

Let’s use Blizzard as a first example.Loved by long lines of games like Starcraft, Diablo, World of Warcraft And Overwatch, Company Recently, Yakety Sax has overcome a serious political debate.All except cancellation Game in the weirdest way possible And We’ve seen the outflow of talent as the owner’s activision weighs on..

Or what about Bioware?From KOTOR To Jade Empire To Mass effect And Dragon Age, In the 2000s, they proved to be masters of modern Western RPGs. For a while, they felt they couldn’t make a bad game if they tried.But after shaking a little Mass effect 3 And Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bioware has disappointed many Andromeda, Then completely shit the bed National anthemA game that no one wants but can’t die.

Rockstar may continue to release great games, but theirs Working conditions sound like hell..Bethesda breathes new life Wolfenstein,milking Then dry bumped into Fallout 76 Launch in almost every conceivable way..And CD Projekt Red has a worldwide reputation The witcher 3 Before, well, We are living it now..

This is all the worst. And it’s easy to say that each company’s failure is the result of time, karma, or simply bad luck catching up with them, but separating each factor and pointing your finger accordingly, you If you look at it, there are certainly many things in common: all of them were put together like this.

Money had sex with each of these studios. Whether it’s ownership of a company trying to squeeze money from a recognizable brand, a team greedily reaching out to a market / genre they don’t understand, or simply management paying and caring for employees. Video games are on the rise, even if they just refuse to, the breathtaking willingness to participate in the biggest excess of capitalism in the last decade has led to the sale of millions of games. It’s possible, but it also damaged so many reputations and lost talent.

These companies don’t forget that it’s their appearance. It wasn’t perfect, it was never perfect. If what happened in the last seven years or so showed us something, they shouldn’t have thought so in the first place. These were not falls from grace. They are business as usual.

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