Noita Review-Everything melts, explodes, or collapses

Man, I spent a lot of time playing old flash games. Newgrounds, Congregate, Addingicting Games, Cool Flash Games and everything else. There was always something new and interesting to play and watch.I’ve always come back Falling sand, Pixel-based physics engine in flash. Dozens of elements and compounds interact in different ways as small sand-based pixels. Water extinguishes fire, and fire fires gunpowder and burns things. It was really fun to set up cool reactions and find new and unexpected reactions.

Developer: Nolla Games
Price: $ 19.99
Platform: Steam
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For some reason, members of Norla Games were able to turn the rogue wizard into a roguelike game from this concept. A huge, randomly generated world is packed with pixels that interact with each other. Let’s talk a little more about the fresh titles of Early Access, Noita!!

Like many roguelike games and similar titles, the story is not the focus in this game. You start the game and see some constellations about the eggs firing different things, booming, and falling titles. Awakened from some sort of sleep, your wizard character is conveniently in front of several different rocks that show your control. Noita A 2D action side-scrolling game. You can move, you have limited flying ability, you can kick things to hack things across the room, especially explosives and ramps. But the most innovative mechanism is the ability to cast magic.

There are various wands that you can use to cast spells. Each has a myriad of stats to experiment with, such as cast delay, mana charge speed, and some spell slots. Slots are now where you put spells and modifiers to create attacks and effects, and you can combine them. This leads to a huge amount of customization within the main method for attacking and interacting with the world. When I used them, I often found a cane that blew me up in a magnificent way. I sometimes misunderstood the effects of spells when moving them on a cane in a safe place between major areas, electrocuting nearby puddles, sparks illuminating the forest around me, I lit the fire. Wow! But if you play and try everything and discover how spells interact, you can make amazingly effective and truly amazing attacks. I love the feeling of finding a unique looking and sturdy wand with some innate effects and eight different spell slots. It leads to great moments you know if you use this weapon, it can lead to something bad happening. But it may also be so rewarding that you wonder if you keep it for later levels and use spells with more knowledge about how they work. Hmm. Alternatively, you can defeat it early in a fierce battle and change course completely.

Between the main areas, there are safe zones where you can restore your health and magic. There is also a selection of benefits! Yes, yes, benefits! By adding even more levels of customization, the perks can fire, cast faster, or impregnate some other things you would expect in a game like this. But to liven it up, you make it fireproof and fun like a robot spider leg that allows you to move in the air without using your flight energy as much as your feet can touch the wall. You can also get things, or of course, the tentacles of revenge that are always expected! Everyone, whoever hurt you, will be attacked with angry tentacles, just what you always wanted!

There are also lots of different liquid vials that allow you to do some things! If it’s on fire, you can extinguish yourself and spray it (preferably water!) If you have acid, you can also spray it on your enemies. You can also chuck and spill what’s left if you want. This can be a game changer, especially if you have a vial of unpleasant liquid. For brave people, you can also stir the liquid and deal with the subsequent consequences.Vials can play a vital role in the way you progress Noita It’s worth paying attention to and learning.

How many moments of yelling when the situation escalate, a violent chain reaction endangers the screen, or half of the geography on stage is blown away the first time you use a random wand of unknown effect. There was also. Momentary gameplay goes back and forth between tense exploration, navigation to desperate combat, and adaptation to the ever-changing combat situations that the essence of the game brings. I’m very happy with a good run, but one of my few complaints is that it’s difficult to turn a bad run around. It can be frustrating to be able to catch up with the rising curve of difficulty or not at an early stage of execution.

The game also has an absolute banger set in the OST and the sound design is generally very good, but it feels a bit crowded as an essential result of physics engine based gameplay. Sometimes. Expected. Music can range from moody and atmospheric to bright red and instrumental, which really enhances the mood of the game. In this game, after many deaths during the adventure, the game over screen will always notify you that you have encountered a new spell type, perk, or enemy and show the total number. So you feel your progress every time. At least you rarely come across new things with a decent run. It makes you feel like you are still making progress.

The last word
I really enjoyed this game, and it has another quality of execution that you really want from roguelikes. As a lover of this genre, this stands out by setting randomized sandbox ideas into genres and raising their level to 11. Noita offers a memorable experience with a unique physics engine that is essential to understanding the game. Noita is highly recommended for those who like wizards, those who desperately curse the screen, and those who like roguelike games!

– MonsterVine Rating: 4 out of 5 stars – good

Noita Review – Everything melts, explodes, or collapses

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