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Following last year’s Fuji title deciding pole, Nojiri regained the top spot with a best time of 1’21.173 in the pole shootout in the third quarter, and his closest rival Toshiki Oyu (Nakajima Racing) Obtained 0.223 seconds.

Nojiri, who led the practice on Saturday morning, outperformed both Q1 and Q2 to take his sixth career pole position.

Following Oyu, Dandelion Racing’s Ukyo Sasahara (substitute for Tadasuke Makino) and Nirei Fukuzumi won Honda’s top four in 3rd and 4th place.

Toyota’s best runner was newcomer Sena Sakaguchi in 5th place, ahead of beginner Ritomo Miyata (TOM’S) and 2020 title candidate Ryo Hirakawa (Impul).

Hiroki Ohtsu (Mugen) completed the order for the third quarter, and Yuhi Sekiguchi (Impul) and Sho Tsuboi (Ingin) were in the remaining top ten.

This weekend, Tatiana Calderon (Drago Cors), the only international driver in the field, finished the first quarter of his Super Formula career for the first time on his way to 11th on the grid.

Kazuki Nakajima (TOM’S) was originally in the third quarter, but in the second quarter he removed the best lap due to a truck restriction violation and was demoted to 13th place.

Naoki Yamamoto Naoki Yamamoto (TCS Nakajima Racing)

Photo: Masahide Kamio

In the first qualifying session with Nakajima Racing, Yamamoto was surprised to lose in the first quarter because he reached within 0.021 seconds of reaching the second quarter.

The three-time champion will start in 16th place and mark the worst grid slot since the 2019 Okayama race.

Kondo Racing also lost two drivers in the first quarter, with Yuichi Nakayama, who replaced Sacha Fenestraz, in 15th place and Kenta Yamashita in 18th place.

Third quarter results:

Second quarter results:

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Nojiri with Yamamoto and Paul in the first quarter Nojiri with Yamamoto and Paul in the first quarter

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