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Nokia X20 gets first Android 13 developer preview

Google, the I / O developer conference earlier this week Released a second beta version of Android 13 To that pixel. At the same time, many other Android device makers have also released their respective Android 13 beta or developer preview programs. The announcement included Nokia’s mention, but at the time the developer’s website wasn’t updated, so it wasn’t clear which device in the stable version of HMD Global would be the blessing.

It all changes today, and it’s Nokia X20 Now you can test with Android 13. However, the HMD calls this a developer preview rather than a beta, so there’s probably a lot of demand left on the level of sophistication.

Also, be sure to back up before trying Android 13 DP, as all data must be erased to roll back to Android 12 at any time. Such builds also have the usual disclaimer that performance and stability issues can occur. Of course, approach this at your own risk.

If you really want to take the plunge, Nokia X20[マイデバイス]Go to the app and at the bottom[サポート]Just click on the banner and scroll down to the Android Developer Preview. Then, after a quick look at the IMEI, it’s ready. New builds will arrive as wireless updates within 12 hours of registration.

If you can’t wait that long,[設定]>[端末情報]>[システムアップデート]Go to and try to start the build manually 20 minutes after the registration process is successful. Android 13 DP has a pre-installed customer feedback app that you can use to report any issues you find.

If you need to roll back to Android 12 at some point, you can also request it from the My Devices app.


Nokia X20 gets first Android 13 developer preview Nokia X20 gets first Android 13 developer preview

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