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Cash livestock market at noon

Direct cash cow trading activities are usually off to a quiet start. Buyers and sellers are busy with inventory and bidding, and asking for prices has not yet surfaced. Most of the week’s business can be postponed until after the middle of the week. Last week’s business was about $ 124 for live trading in the South, about the same as last week’s business. Dressed deals were almost $ 196, about the same as last week’s weighted average base in Nebraska.

Boxed beef fell low at noon and demand for modest products was low. The choice was $ 1.59 lower at $ 280.23 and the choice was $ .92 lower at $ 262.19. The selection / selection spread is $ 18.04.

In South Dakota last week, calves under £ 450 were $ 5 to $ 7 higher and calves over £ 450 were $ 2 to $ 3 higher than last week’s sales. Heifer calves were stable at $ 4 higher. One-year-old steers were stable, $ 4 lower on a light test, and one-year-old heifers were $ 3 to $ 6 higher. The offering had many prerequisite calves and met moderate to good demand. Receipts decreased week and year. Medium and large 1 feeder steers were £ 550-599 for $ 161-189, and feeder steers were £ 600-649 for $ 161-181. Medium and large 1-feeder heifers 500-549 pounds were $ 144-166.50 and feeder heifers 851-896 pounds were $ 142.50-153.

Cash pigs are low at noon and there are moderately negotiated purchases. Processors generally keep the desired number running at a weak price. The supply of wheelbarrows and gold leaf on the market is more than sufficient. Demand for US pork in the global market and domestically is strong and is expected to continue. There are also long-term demand concerns, putting pressure on prices, but higher than expected earlier this year. National Daily Direct Barrows and Gilts are $ .59 lower, with a base range of $ 63 to $ 67 and a weighted average of $ 63.64. The weighted averages for both Iowa / Minnesota and the Western Corn Belt were $ 65.11. Due to confidentiality, the Eastern Corn Belt was not reported.

Butcher pig prices on the Midwestern cash market are stable at $ 60. In Illinois, sows for slaughter were priced $ 2 to $ 3 higher, and demand for lighter products of $ 49 to $ 59 was high. Barrow and gold plating were stable and demand was high for medium-sized products between $ 40 and $ 47. Wild boars ranged from $ 20 to $ 25 and $ 9 to $ 15.

The value of pork rises at noon and rises by $ 2.24 at $ 100.51. Belize jumped over $ 23 to star the day. The ribs were also sharply high. However, loin, ham, bats and picnics were low and dropped sharply.

Noon Cash Livestock Market-Brownfield Ag News Noon Cash Livestock Market-Brownfield Ag News

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