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Noon Cash Livestock Market-Brownfield Ag News

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Cash livestock market at noon

Direct cash cow trading activities are becoming more active. There are some bids that have surfaced for $ 132 live and $ 207 for dresses in parts of Nebraska. The asking price is $ 134 and it lives in the south, but it is not fully established from the north. Packer inquiries are expected to improve as the days go by. Today’s Fed Cattle Exchange actually had 308 1,973 offers sold for $ 132.

Boxed beef is low at noon and there is little demand for solid products. Choice is $ 278.61 lower by $ 3.52 and Select is $ 265.55 lower by $ 1.04. The selection / selection spread is $ 13.06.

In Ozark, Missouri, stockyards were stable, with steers $ 3 higher and heifers $ 3 lower compared to last week. The USDA states that demand was good with modest supply. Receipts have decreased weekly and yearly. The feeder supply triggered 56% steering and 43% of the offering was over £ 600. Medium and large 1 feeder steers ranged from £ 602 to $ 647 for $ 152 to $ 168.50, and feeder steers ranged from £ 654 to $ 663 for $ 151 to $ 164. Medium and large 1-feeder heifers 563-588 pounds were $ 137-142 and feeder heifers 750-794 pounds were $ 143-144.

Cash pigs are low at noon and there are moderately negotiated purchases. The industry continued to monitor the availability of pigs on the market and was able to move the desired number at a lower price. Demand for US pork in the global market and domestically is strong, helping to provide price support. National Daily Direct’s Barrows and Gilts are $ 1.23 lower, with a base range of $ 53 to $ 57 and a weighted average of $ 56.14. Prices in the local direct market are not reported for confidentiality.

Butcher pigs in the Midwestern cash market are stable at $ 59. The price of pork drops at noon and drops by $ 1.85 to $ 85.92. Belize fell by more than $ 10 at noon. Ham, picnics and buttocks were all low. Ribs and loin were high.

Noon Cash Livestock Market-Brownfield Ag News Noon Cash Livestock Market-Brownfield Ag News

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