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Cash livestock market at noon

Direct cash cow trading activity is quiet after a calm business on Thursday. There are some bids that are fluctuating at $ 140 live. The price of cows left on the showlist is around $ 143 or more for the South and $ 222 or more for the North. Most of this week’s business may be over, but there may still be a few cleanup deals today. So far, this week’s Northern Dress business has been at $ 218 to $ 221, mostly $ 200, which is $ 3 higher than last week’s weighted average base in Nebraska. Southern Live Business is $ 140- $ 142, mostly $ 142, which is $ 3 higher than last week’s business.

Boxed beef was high at noon and demand for modest products was high. Choice is $ 273.94, which is $ 1.92 higher, and Select is $ 259.61, which is $ 1.36 higher. The selection / selection spread is $ 14.33.

At the Mitchell Livestock Auction in South Dakota, the £ 550 to £ 850 feeder steer was stable, $ 6 higher than it was two weeks ago. Steers over 1000 pounds had higher bass. Heifers from £ 600 to £ 950 were stable, $ 5 higher. The USDA states that demand for many yearlings was good. Receipts increased weekly and decreased year by year. The feeder supply included 52% steers and 75% of the offerings were over £ 600. Medium and large one feeder steers ranged from £ 600 to $ 645 for $ 165.25 to $ 178.75, and feeder steers from £ 704 to $ 749 from $ 164 to $ 174.50. Medium and large 1-feeder heifers 856-898 pounds were $ 149-155.25 and feeder heifers 917-942 pounds were $ 142-153.50.

Cash hogs soared at noon and bargaining purchases are strong. Processors are bidding this week to move the desired number. All eyes are focused on the availability of ready-to-use pigs on the market. Demand for US pork in the global market is strong and is expected to continue, but there are long-term concerns and prices have been squeezed recently. The National Daily Direct wheelbarrow and gold leaf will rise sharply at noon, with a base range of $ 53.50 to $ 64.50 and a weighted average of $ 58.42, up $ 2.91. The weighted average of Iowa / Minnesota was $ 62.39. The weighted average of Western Corn Belt was $ 62.29. Due to confidentiality, the price of the Eastern Corn Belt has not been reported.

The value of pork drops at noon, down $ 1.84 to $ 86.25. I’m hungry for nearly $ 11 at noon. Ham is also dropping sharply. Loin and ribs are high. Picnics and buttocks are rising sharply.

Noon Cash Livestock Market-Brownfield Ag News Noon Cash Livestock Market-Brownfield Ag News

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