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Cash livestock market at noon

It’s a quiet day for direct cash cow trading, following a mild to moderate business on Wednesday. Today, bids are lagging behind. The suggested price is about $ 125 in the south and $ 198 in the north. This week’s trading was around $ 124, almost stable on last week’s weighted average. Trading in Northern Dresses was close to $ 196, which was generally stable on a weighted average basis last week in Nebraska.

Boxed beef was high at noon due to high demand for modest items. Choice is $ .67 higher at $ 280.69 and Select is $ 2.35 higher at $ 261.05. The selection / selection spread is $ 19.64.

The best tests on the Hub City Livestock Market in South Dakota were stable at £ 900-1000 for steers and £ 850-900 for heifers. The calf test was too light to get the exact trend. According to the USDA, the demand for many strings, luggage and packaging for yearlings was good to very good. The quality varied, but the offering was full of attractive yearlings. The meat was light to medium plus and sometimes heavy. Cows came out of both the grass and the garden. The yearling market was active and the calf market was at best moderate. Receipts decreased week and year. The feeder supply included 63% steers and 95% of the offerings were over £ 600. Medium and large 1-feeder steer £ 906-944 brought in $ 150.50- $ 163.25, and feeder steer £ 956-970 brought $ 154.50- $ 161.25. Medium and large 1-feeder heifers 855-896 pounds were $ 143.50- $ 150.50 and feeder heifers 904-941 pounds were $ 138-146.50.

Cash pigs will be low at noon and bargaining purchases will be strong. The industry continues to move the desired number at lower prices. The availability of wheelbarrows and gold leaf on the market is more than adequate. And while strong demand for US pork in the global market and domestically is strong, there are long-term demand concerns that are putting pressure on prices. National Daily Direct wheelbarrows and gold leaf are $ 0.28 lower, with a base range of $ 67 to $ 71 and a weighted average of $ 67.85. The weighted average of Iowa / Minnesota and Western Corn Belt was $ 69.28. Due to confidentiality, the Eastern Corn Belt was not reported.

Butcher pig prices on the Midwestern cash market are stable at $ 60.

The value of pork rises sharply at noon, rising by $ 5.64 at $ 110.49. I’m hungry over $ 20 to start the day. Both ham and ribs are rising sharply. Picnics and hips are more expensive. The bat is low.

Noon Cash Livestock Market-Brownfield Ag News Noon Cash Livestock Market-Brownfield Ag News

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