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Cash livestock market at noon

It’s a quiet start to a holiday shortened week for a direct cash cow business. The only bid that has surfaced is $ 145 live in Nebraska. The price in the south is about $ 140 and the north is quiet. Look for more businesses to develop in the rest of the week.

Boxed beef is high at noon due to medium demand for light meals. Choice is $ 264.17, which is $ .35 higher, and Select is $ 240.70, which is $ .23 higher. The selection / selection spread is $ 23.47.

In South Dakota last week, most feeder steers were stable at $ 5 higher. However, a £ 1000 to £ 1100 steer was $ 5 lower. Feeder heifers were $ 3 to $ 5 higher, and instances were up to $ 10 higher. USDA states that the demand for feeder cows of all weights is very good as the auctions are becoming more sporadic. Receipts have increased from the previous week and this year. The feeder supply included 46% steers and 96% of the offerings were over £ 600. Medium and Large 1 Feeder Steer 750 to £ 796 brought $ 171 to $ 185, and Feeder Steer 853 to £ 898 brought $ 164.50 to $ 180.50. Medium and large 1-feeder heifers £ 806-839 were $ 155-172.50 and feeder heifers £ 852-888 were $ 148-158.60.

Cash pigs were expensive at noon and had moderately negotiated purchases. Demand for US pork is strong in the global market and domestically, helping to provide price support. The industry also continues to monitor the availability of market-ready pigs. Processors were a bit aggressive in their procurement efforts to start the day and bid to move the desired number. Barrows and Gilts at National Daily Direct are $ 0.63 higher, with a base range of $ 110 to $ 124 and a weighted average of $ 113.88. The Iowa / Minnesota had no comparison, but the weighted average was $ 120.33, and the Western Corn Belt had no comparison, but the weighted average was $ 121.90. Due to confidentiality, the price of the Eastern Corn Belt has not been reported.

Butcher pig prices in the Midwestern cash market are stable at $ 77.

The value of pork is significantly higher, rising $ 8.28 at $ 117.03. My stomach jumped over $ 37. Picnics, loin and ham were all expensive. The hips and ribs were low.

Noon Cash Livestock Market-Brownfield Ag News Noon Cash Livestock Market-Brownfield Ag News

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