Nordic game 2020 kicks off this week

Double NG20, May’s successful digital debut – Pass holders will be able to enjoy it again on Tuesday, November 24th – This week’s conference will celebrate twice the knowledge, emotions and business of Scandinavian games in 2020. The NG20 + live stream will begin on Wednesday, November 25th at 10:30 CET with Slagthuset. In Malmo.

Hold a meeting at Opening of NG20 +, Host, Nordic Game Program Director Jacob Riis, Co-host and Harkmob developers Sara Casén and Rasmus KunstlicherWill bring live viewers to this week’s exciting (and massive) speaker program, many upcoming activities on the Nordic Game Discord channel, the new Chatroulette à la Nordic Game, and the long-awaited NGDC Season IV Grand Final.

But for now, let’s take a look at some things you don’t want to miss with the NG20 +.

Lots of speakers!

Over 130 speakers are ready to share their knowledge, answer questions and interact with Discord on the NG20 +. In addition to being announced live on stage by Slagthuset, there are also exclusive pre-recorded talks created specifically for Nordic Game.

Check out the full NG20 + online schedule including The latest live talk just announced From the famous Ubisoft Toronto game design director Richard Carilo here..

Join us on Discord!
Featuring a busy week with special activities, giveaways, etc. Nordic Game Discord Channel I’m waiting for you to come back this fall for NG20 +!

Let’s take a quick look here. However, to dig deeper into everything that’s happening on the Nordic Game Discord channel, you’ll need to subscribe to NG20 +.

Do double business with NG20 +
Hundreds of game companies around the world MeetToMatch, This fall is expanding Publisher market And Game Capital Summit, And hours of deep industry knowledge waiting to be announced in the NG20 + online program.

Best Business Tips for 2020? Buy a pass to NG20 +

New arrival! Scandinavian game Chatroulette
This limited version of Chatroulette is available daily to all pass owners from 20:00 to 1:00 CET (November 25-27).

Join us every night this week and make new friends Scandinavian game Chatroulette.. Who knows who you will meet?

NGDC Season IV ends with NG20 +
After a 19-month battle of talented game developers from Europe, Africa and South America Scandinavian Game Discovery Contest Conclude the 4th season with great success!

Currently, 16 finalists are ready to compete for the coveted NGDC Game of the Year title during the NG20 + period. Pass holders choose their favorites on the Nordic Game Discord channel and choose the winners of the Season’s People’s Choice Awards.

Check out the details and check out all the NGDC Season IV finalists here – And welcome to Nordic Game 2020!

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Nordic Game 2020 Kicks off this week

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