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so Departments struggling to attract new candidates For the legendary Amanda Nunes, 30-year-old Belo Horizonte native Norma Dumont will jump to the top for £ 135. The rise has the opportunity to continue on April 10.

“I think the decisive victory over Bear Marekki will definitely prove a lot in this category,” Dumont told MyMMA News about her upcoming match. “After winning, I want to fight the top 15 to top 10 opponents. Over time, I think I can slowly climb to the top. We are thinking of 5 or 6 decisive wins, and I Can already see himself fighting for the title. “

Very early in her professional MMA career, Brazilian Dumont pushed her record to 5-1 in November. Ashlee Evans-Smith, who shows off her skills violently against the veteran’s presence, noticed her fellow bantamweight.

But Dumont’s arrival at the UFC wouldn’t have happened without hiccups. Dumont was signed as a featherweight competitor before the unilateral beating of Evans Smith, a battle in which she lost weight. Mita Practitioner’s promotional debut saw her fall to the next £ 145 challenger of Nunez, Megan Anderson mentioned above.

“It’s hard to explain,” Dumont said of her first UFC victory. “It’s a mix of emotions depending on when you’re fighting, but it’s definitely a mix of great emotions, good emotions, and relief. I think the main emotion I felt was relief. The first victory in the organization. When you put it in, you start to feel part of the organization and feel really at home. It feels very reassuring and the work has begun.

“I didn’t really feel any loss because I lost to Megan. I felt I learned something new. I felt I needed to evolve. I wanted to evolve from this defeat, so I’m not sure how I would have felt if I had won the first fight with Megan. After losing, I think I want to improve myself and continue working. “

Shortly after the defeat, Dumont realized how shallow the UFC water was in the featherweight division. This February 11th date commemorates the division’s 4th anniversary and has never included more than about eight fighters.

Nonetheless, Dumont has no regrets and intends to avenge her only career loss in the future.

Until that chance comes, £ 135 will be Dumont’s home, just as it was before the UFC. Her shift to featherweight served as a learning experience of how to condition herself as she keeps her weight low from the camp. Therefore, it makes her more comfortable at bantamweight and makes her believe that her strength can be a major factor against many enemies.

I got a good glimpse of her last timeout, but I still didn’t know that the new BJJ Brown Belt would work perfectly. Given the dominant nature of victory, it was a terrifying idea.

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“I didn’t show all my skills in the final battle,” Dumont said. “I fought with a knee injury. I spent two months without jujutsu in the match and didn’t kick until 10 days before the match, so I definitely want to show more. Yes, I’m sure we can see it in the next fight. “

Like Dumont, Sweden’s Marekki is only 2-0 and has a relatively lack of combat experience. “The Imortal” understands that Ultimate Fighter 28 The cast members are familiar with Muay Thai and make her a little bigger. He points out that it is difficult to investigate opponents with very few fights, and Dumont expects to finish before the third round.

Beginning her martial arts journey in the world of Jiu-Jitsu, Dumont made her own transition to the impressive Chinese art of Sanda. Next, she became the Brazilian champion at the Sanda tournament two years later. Ultimately, this led to a head-on approach to MMA, incorporating all skill sets into one.

After three years and four victories, the UFC called, and Dumont made his promotional debut from 2018 to early 2020.

“Before joining the UFC, it was really hard to find an opponent in Brazil,” she said. “If you’re a great athlete here in Brazil, it can be difficult to find an opponent because people don’t want to face you.

“When I was hired by the UFC, I was taking supplements that were banned by USADA, so I had to spend about six months getting the supplements out of the system, and during that time I was USADA. I’ve done about eight tests in the UFC, so I wasn’t fined for doping or anything else in my first fight at the UFC.

“In addition, they were also looking for candidates for me at featherweight, but it was a bit difficult for the organization to find someone, so they decided to match me with Megan Anderson. -She wasn’t supposed to fight for her, much more experienced than I was, “Dumont elaborated. “But I accepted it because it was the fight they offered me.”

Norma Dumont is poised for next year, starting with a showdown vs. Bear Marekki, and hopes it will be the first of three or four battles on her calendar.

Mapping everything, the Gordin Fight team’s products are expected to set her name aside in 7th or 8th place from 2022. After winning three more times against the top five candidates in 2023, the belt will inevitably be around the waist in the 2023s. The beginning.

Ultimately, one of the latest promising combatants in the bantamweight division isn’t in a hurry.

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Norma Dumont aims to bring the bantamweight to life. “I can slowly climb to the top” Norma Dumont aims to bring the bantamweight to life. “I can slowly climb to the top”

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