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North Dakota gets another 30 days HOS exemption due to drought

The exemption from federal service hours and other regulations related to the drought in North Dakota is in its third month.

Governor Doug Burgum has been requested by the Federal Automobile Carrier Safety Administration to extend the exemption for another 30 days. It first came into effect on 22nd September and was extended in October until 23rd November. This latest exemption is valid until Christmas Eve on December 24th.

“Commercial vehicles transporting water and livestock feed to help North Dakota’s livestock producers affected by the ongoing drought situation,” Mr. Bergham said in a statement announcing the grant of an FMCSA exemption. Said it was done.

The governor can request a 30-day exemption, as is done here.

“Because the emergency has not been mitigated, the FMCSA has once again extended the state of emergency and allowed deregulation,” the FMCSA announced. “The extension of this state of emergency addresses the ongoing emergencies that create the need for immediate transportation of water and livestock feed, including hay, and provides the necessary relief.”

The exemption is for 49 CFR § 395.3, which is part of the Federal Regulations dealing with working hours rules.

The FMCSA statement clarifies what the exemption does not apply to. “If a driver or commercial vehicle is used in interstate trade to transport freight or provide services that do not support emergency relief operations related to a drought emergency in North Dakota, or a car carrier is driving. Send your hand or commercial vehicle to another location to start commercial activity. “

The federal weekly drought monitor map shows that almost all of North Dakota is in some degree of drought, but it has improved from a few months ago.

Three months ago, 0 percent of the states did not report a drought. That number is currently 7.62%. And three months ago, just over 13% of the states belonged to the most extreme drought category issued by a joint agency that publishes drought monitors. That number is now zero.

About 41.6% of the states are in three categories in the middle of the drought, but it’s still an improvement from almost 100% three months ago.

The North Dakota exemption extension adds to some other exemptions remaining from past natural disasters. The California exemption for drivers working in connection with the Dixie Fly-Tamarak fire extinguishing activity has been in effect since July. Its expiration date is listed as undecided by FMCSA.

The Alabama exemption associated with Hurricane Aida also has an undecided expiration date.

General COVID-related exemptions in Georgia will expire on Saturday. Similar exemptions in North Carolina will end on Tuesday.

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North Dakota gets another 30 days HOS exemption due to drought North Dakota gets another 30 days HOS exemption due to drought

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