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Nostalgic train switch

A few days ago, Nostalgic train transfers.. Take a closer look at the walking simulator, thanks to a new wave of gameplay.

Information about nostalgic trains is as follows:

The Nostalgic Train is a mysterious and melancholic first-person adventure / walking simulator set in the Japanese countryside that unravels not only the mystery of Natsukiri’s missing person, but also the mystery of “myself.”

It includes both a story mode, “Two Fluctuations at the End of the Journey,” and a Free Mode, where you can explore the world of Natsuki at your own pace.

Relax and immerse yourself in a fantastic world full of tragic stories and beautiful nostalgic landscapes created by Japanese indie game developer Tamibeya.

* Recommended by the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival Judging Committee *


I could hardly open my eyes so much that I was dazzled. The chirping of cicadas and the moist air surrounded me. The air is filled with the faint scent of sea breeze.
I’m sitting on a wooden bench in an old station building.
Where is this place? And … what am I doing here?

Nostalgic countryside.
The station marked “Natsuri”.
Single track railway.
I woke up here, as if stepping out of the purest white light, my memory disappeared.
No one was found in this strange place …

See the new Nostalgic Train Switch gameplay below.

Nostalgic trains can be purchased digitally for e-shop switches. Comes with support for English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

You can find the official website of the game here.

Nostalgic Train Switch Gameplay-Nintendo Everything

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