“Not Chess” is a chess possession play, but not a chess. Launched December 8th, pre-orders are now available – TouchArcade

The developer, Ovidiu Tepes, also known as Crevasse, isn’t just sitting vaguely.After releasing a train-based puzzle Railway Canyon In July, and Drifting-Meeting-Point and Click-Adventure Longest drift By October, they’re already back and set up a new release to arrive next month.It is called Not chess From its title alone, you can probably guess that it’s a game heavily influenced by classic chess, but it’s not so different. And you will be right. Not chess Is actually a really smart idea for puzzle solvers, who sees each level as a chess board with different chess pieces strategically placed. Start as a single chess piece and move around the board using the general rules of movement of chess pieces, with the goal of collecting coins placed somewhere on the board. The catch is that each time you capture a piece, it changes to that piece and inherits its movement rules.

Not chess With three difficulty modes, all relevant information is relayed via interactive tutorials, so you don’t even need any chess background or interest to enjoy. It also features Game Center, Haptic Feedback, no internet requirements, and more, making it a one-time premium purchase with no ads or IAPs. And like all crevasse games, it features a nice color palette and smooth animations. Their games always have a high quality air and super cool atmosphere about them.Can be pre-ordered Not chess Get it now on the App Store and you’ll be back at just $ 1.99 on the December 8th release date. In the meantime, you can talk to developers and other interested players about this issue in the forums.

‘Not Chess’ is a Possessed Play on Chess, but it is NOT Chess, and it’s Launching December 8th with Pre-Orders Available Now

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