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Not yet reached to all people affected by Silchar Administration: Assam CM Himanta Biswasalma

The town of Silchar in the Cachar district of Assam was flooded for a week, and Sunday Prime Minister Himanta Biswasalma admitted that the administration had not yet reached all the impoverished people.

He said rescue and rescue operations agencies were instructed to maximize their reach and ensure the support of all affected people as soon as possible.

Salma walked around the place, walked in the water, and sailed on an NDRF inflatable raft to interact with the locals and get a first-hand understanding of their situation.

During the visit, Cabinet Ministers Parallel Suklabaidya, Silchar MP Rajdeep Roy, several MLAs, and officials from local civil and police authorities accompanied the Prime Minister.

The CM held a review meeting with district authorities on the circumstances and measures being taken for rescue and relief efforts.

Later speaking to reporters, Salma admitted that so far the administration has not been able to reach out to all affected people.

“In many areas, we couldn’t reach out to those in need. We haven’t denied it. We have given instructions on how to maximize reach. We also accept suggestions on this issue. “

Salma urged people to support each other during this time of distress and appreciated the charitable work of Sirchar’s individuals and groups.

“About 50 percent of the work of the administration is done by charities and people,” he said.

“People are generally happy with the relief efforts. It is impossible to contact each and every one, but more or less, we have contacted everyone seeking help,” Salma claims. did.

He said medical camps would be organized in the town from Monday or the next day, with Guwahati and Army doctors helping to run these camps.

“The water level of the Barak River is still flowing above dangerous levels. The damage needs to be significantly reduced before it can be repaired.

“We have forecasts for more rain. We are currently working to minimize further damage in the event of increased rainfall,” continued the Prime Minister.

Regarding the damage to the embankment in the Betokundi district, where most of the town is submerged, the CM said repair work would take time.

About 20,000 rupees of houses in the town, which is considered to be the gateway to Assam Valley, were affected by the damage of the Betokundi embankment, which was allegedly caused by some villains.

“During my second visit to the flood-stricken town, I boarded a boat to investigate the magnitude and extent of the floods at Sirchar’s Ranger Kuhari,” Salma tweeted after the visit.

“During more than an hour of inspection, we witnessed the difficulties people are facing as most areas are still flooded. Our government has firmly confronted the people of Sirchar and their It is unwavering in our efforts to alleviate suffering, “he said.

On Thursday, the CM conducted an aerial survey of a predicament town with a population of about 30,000 rupees, visited several relief camps and confirmed the situation with public representatives and district officials.

Salma will visit a flood relief camp in Hajo, Kamlap district, later on Sunday.

More than 96,000 people are moving under the Flood under the Silchar Revenue Circle in the Cachar district, according to a preliminary report from the Assam Department of Disaster Management on Saturday evening.

Flood conditions throughout the state also remained severe on Sunday, affecting more than 25 rac people in 27 districts, but water levels began to fall in some areas.

This year, a total of 121 people died in floods and landslides in the state.

Not yet reached to all people affected by Silchar Administration: Assam CM Himanta Biswasalma Not yet reached to all people affected by Silchar Administration: Assam CM Himanta Biswasalma

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