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Things to note when Detroit Lions end the 2020 season at home against Minnesota

If you are stuck Detroit Lions It doesn’t make sense to quit now for such a long time. You may see this to the end. 2020 is a bitter start, middle and end for Lions, with 10 more seasons (sometimes felt like 15 losses), dismissed coaches and GMs, an empty Ford Field throughout the season, and an uncertain future. had. Franchise faces, games with few coaches, coaches of special teams fired, injuries, COVID and more.

Better evidence that Lions have some of the NFL’s most enthusiastic fans is better than the fact that we’ve been with them for so long and don’t go anywhere. Despite the overwhelming weight of the team kicking off the ball on Sunday 2020, ending 2020 and 60 years of failure, there is no point in quitting now.

Here are seven things to keep in mind in Week 17. We look forward to a better day in 2021 …

Darrell Bevel Closing Statement

First and foremost, the Viking match is Bevel’s last chance to build a field case for promotion to head coach next season. Through two games, a thrilling comeback victory over Chicago and a fierce defeat against Green Bay, Bevel’s odds of stripping the “provisional” label seemed decent.

The explosive defeat against Tennessee weakened some of the initial excitement for Bevel’s five-game audition in the top role. Bevel, along with several other major assistants, was unable to coach Tampa Bay due to the COVID protocol last week, making it one of the most embarrassing Lions losses of my life.

Whether the Lions win on Sunday may have a big impact on Bevel’s future in Detroit, but it’s the last real chance to make his own claim. The energetic performance of the winning team is probably the only chance he has to continue working.

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Notable at the finale of the 2020 season Notable at the finale of the 2020 season

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