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Scott coker We provided a lot of nuggets for Wednesday’s MMA news cycle.

Bellator president appears MMA hour We made some important announcements with Ariel Helwani. Chris Cyborg versus. Cinade Kavana Featherweight title battle Set for Bellator 271, Patricio Pitbull Open a lightweight title Instead of fighting for the title Peter Quarry And Patricky Pitbull Bellator 270 Next month, the promotion will move to 5 rounds of main events other than the title From January 1st.

In addition to its latest news, Coker has addressed many other interesting topics as the promotion approaches the end of 2021.

Paul Brothers Corker: “I want to put them in Verator”

To keep this out of the way, when Jake Paul and Logan Paul go to Berator, or generally MMA, there’s nothing in the work. And why is it now? They both make an absurd amount of money in the boxing world and are unlikely to change course soon.

But when the day comes when YouTube stars really want to get started, Coker and Verator will be very interested.

“They are diligent, they are crushing their camps and doing what they are doing-both brothers-and they are getting better,” Coker said. “These people are getting better and better. They are working, so don’t underestimate the fighting abilities of these kids.

“My view as a whole is that if they want to participate in MMA, we want to put them in Bellator.

“As these kids continue to grow, I hope they come to MMA and try mixed martial arts skills. They have a wrestling background, are athletic and young, and they grow up. I think it will be a lot of fun to see you do. “

Bellator vs. RIZIN Talent Trade, Joint Promotion

According to Coker, when the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world, Verator and Lysine plan to resume where they left off. Bellator recently signed Kyoji HoriguchiCoker revealed that he and RIZIN headman Nobuyuki Sakakibara had been in talks for several days in the hope that they would partner “two or three times” in 2022. The other organization in the big battle.

Obviously, it all depends on when the COVID restrictions are relaxed again, but Coker is confident that Verator will host the 2022 event in Japan.

Speaking of Horiguchi of the bantamweight grand prix, maybe?

Coker was asked about the potential for the bantamweight Grand Prix to become the next champion on a contract with Horiguchi for the next promotion. Sergio Pettis..

It wasn’t clear if 135 would be in the spotlight, but he couldn’t hide his enthusiasm for the concept.

“It’s one of the departments we’re building on,” Corker said. “We haven’t yet decided how the tournament will go in 2022, but with so many great fighters, it’s definitely one of the weight class candidates.

“If I do that, I think I might be back in a 16-person tournament. [it at 135].. There are so many talents in the department that I don’t think I’m happy with just eight people, so I probably need to expand it. “

stay tuned.

What’s next for big tuna?

Benparish His upset victory at Bellator 266 has blown the world of MMA Christian Edwards, His “Big Tuna” nickname, his post-combat interviews and press conferences, and monopoly Long chat with MMA fighter A few days later.

Since then, people have been wondering when Parish will return to Verator Cage. Coker was asked about the future of Parish’s Verator with a little extra advice from MMA fighter staff.

“He told us after the fight,” I can’t go back this year because I have no more holidays. [from my full-time job]”” Said Coker. “But we are definitely talking to him and will get him back as soon as possible.”

MMA fighters have also confirmed with sources close to the situation that Parish has not yet signed an exclusive deal with the promotion, which is hope and wish from the surge of £ 205.

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Notebook: Scott Coker provides up-to-date information on the Paul Brothers, Bantamweight Grand Prix, “Big Tuna” and more Notebook: Scott Coker provides up-to-date information on the Paul Brothers, Bantamweight Grand Prix, “Big Tuna” and more

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