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Nothing can resist the NFT hype, and its fans are skeptical – TechCrunch

Founded by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, a consumer technology company known for its aggressive marketing Announcing an irreplaceable token project called BlackDot. The fan is skeptical.

Black dots Video clip It features a rotating transparent cube, with black dots bouncing off the inner wall, producing a crisp metallic sound. The visuals are cool and harmonize with the minimalist aesthetics of earphones and smartphone makers. The question is why it’s an NFT.

I’m not doing anything Equity Crowdfunding Investor Redeem your collectibles using a self-managed wallet like MetaMask. After the NFT decline on July 7, it will be generally available on the OpenSea Marketplace. It is unknown how much the company is setting the price of the dots it bounces and the blockchain it is using.

With startups established in the second half of 2020 Supported by Google VenturesHas been relatively successful in attracting the attention of tech enthusiasts and influencers.Despite the hype marketing, nothing Wireless earphones And future Android-based phones have brought a fresh air to the increasingly homogenized consumer technology space.

However, fans do not seem to be very impressed with the movement of the NFT.Most popular comments on Instagram as of Wednesday Position Black dots are overwhelmingly negative. “You obviously lost the plot,” says one user. “Waste resources on something that is completely useless. Rather, focus your money on developing phones and other technologies,” says another.

Fans have a point. Those based in London WrongLike offering transparent earphones for just $ 99 Smartphone with illuminated light stripAs a result, you may have to spend more on quality control than your rivals with custom manufacturing in southern China and a more practical approach to hardware design.

Company Wish Wash explanation Members of the NFT project are unlikely to convince critics. Or maybe I lack a vision.

“We’re all nothing. All the giant, unlikely scheme dots. But let’s connect these seemingly small and insignificant points. Then something begins. New things are imagined. Beliefs become a reality. Community rules. “

To be fair, the integration of web3 features and smartphone technology has been done by serious blockchain organizations. Solana, one of the most popular blockchain networks, launched last month. Release Its web3-based mobile phones are intended to facilitate dialogue with blockchain services on mobile (very limited at this time).

And not all NFTs are driven by greed. This technology is seen as a convenient way to authenticate community membership and access to events, and in theory helps reduce fraud.

However, with the introduction of NFTs a few days before Nothing’s first phone was launched, NFTs were fraudulent, speculative, given the exorbitant price tags of some collectibles before the recent cryptocurrency crash. Or it may alienate customers who associate with an exclusive social club.

Rather than promoting the animated cube with vague artist remarks, perhaps assuming that management is bullish in the field, we can’t think any further about the direction we want to take in web3. If the phone actually supports encryption, make sure the actual user experience meets your expectations.

Sure, nothing is affiliated with Polygon. Abundant funds A startup working to scale transactions on the Ethereum network.According to the pair Blockchain publication DecryptIs to integrate decentralized apps, games, payments and identity solutions into Nothing Phone.

Update: Added Polygon partnership details.

Nothing can resist the NFT hype, and its fans are skeptical – TechCrunch Nothing can resist the NFT hype, and its fans are skeptical – TechCrunch

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