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Exorbitant weather conditions do not seem to be important to the world. 1 Novak Djokovic, Continued conditioning and training during the snowfall, in light of the upcoming new tennis season. A Serbian tennis player posted a video on his Instagram profile of training in the snow with the help of his wife Jerena...

As you can see in the image, Djokovic uses his wife’s weight on his shoulders to run and exercise to make his training heavier and resist fatigue as much as possible.

From a sports perspective, 2020 was a very special year for Novak Djokovic.

The Serbian champion won the Australian Open for the eighth time, but had to swallow a bitter bitter disqualification at the US Open. Roland Garros final.

In a year of global epidemics, you could foresee alternating games that aren’t at the top and great performances. Maintaining concentration and pressure during the tournament is just as difficult due to the constant interruptions and checks of tampons, the absence of crowds, and canceled events.

Perhaps the combination of these factors has given Serbian tennis players the impression that they are unable to continuously express their best tennis and are tired and sometimes lethargic in certain matches. At the ATP500 in Vienna, one of the last rounds of the season, Djokovic was clearly defeated by Lorenzo Sonego, giving the impression that he didn’t want to play until the end of the year after winning the ATP number one. ..

“Novak just wanted to finish the season at the top of the rankings and went to Vienna with that goal in mind. As soon as he reached that goal, that is, after winning two fierce matches, he Lorenzo Sonego had nothing to oppose.

So he rarely went out on the field that day, “explained Mikhail Youzhny. Everything else will be back at the next Australian Open 2021 in Melbourne starting February 8th. This will be the long-awaited sporting event in the first half of the new season.

It will be a very spectacular season, and we all hope with some presence in the crowd in courts around the world, without any problems with the last one. Roger Federer will not play Happy Slam to fully recover from the two surgeries in 2020. He will only return at the end of February / early March 2021.

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Novak Djokovic is having fun on the snow! Novak Djokovic is having fun on the snow!

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