“Novak Djokovic is like a wolf in the mountains,” experts say. – Tennis Sports

In the last few hours, the tennis world has been shocked by what is happening to Novak Djokovic, the world’s strongest tennis player today. The first medical duty-free Serbian champion was stopped at the airport and taken to the Carlton Immigration Hotel by Australian authorities.

After the appeal, Novak Djokovic won the proceedings and the Maritime Continent Government was almost “forced” to release Knoll, who had his first training session in Melbourne in the middle of the night. The problem did not end with the immigration minister, who has not yet explicitly stated himself, and it is unclear who will be the number one seed for the tournament six days before the start of the Australian Open.

In the last few hours, various authorities, media, tennis players and former tennis players have spoken and commented on the story, but the fact that ATP, the world’s leading tennis federation, has not been exposed to this. Origin that many people were intrigued by.

In the last few hours, I have received a message from the federation. On the other hand, the ATP Declaration seemed reconciliation and less controversial, but at the same time the organization was keen to reiterate the importance of vaccines.

The official statement issued by ATP is as follows: “ATP respects the rigorous policies implemented in its own country, in addition to the sacrifices that Australians have made since the inception of Covid-19.

However, the recent complexity of player entry into Australia underscores the need for a clearer understanding, communication, and application of the rules. ”

Djokovic won his court battle

In a recent interview with RT News, Novak Djokovic’s uncle Golan Djokovic was the number one in the world.

1 was treated like a trapped animal after the visa was canceled last week. “Unfortunately, the (Australian Open) tournament director didn’t do his job, and people from the authorities failed,” Djokovic said.

“This is like a horror for our family. That’s why they protest every day in front of the (Belgrade) parliament. We are very unhappy. Sorry, I like the Australian people. But the Australian government has done something very wrong with one of the greatest sportsmen of all time, Novak. “

“This is very sad. I don’t know why they are. Using Novak as an example, I don’t know, I still don’t understand. They don’t want him in Australia If so, they didn’t have to give him a visa, OK, he wouldn’t be there, “Golan added.

“He’s like a trapped animal, like a mountain wolf, and it’s incredible what government people are doing to him.”

– Tennis Sports

“Novak Djokovic is like a wolf in the mountains,” experts say. “Novak Djokovic is like a wolf in the mountains,” experts say.

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