“Novak Djokovic will continue to do that for years,” says former Ace. – Tennis Sports

Novak Djokovic’s Serbia is in trouble. It’s basically Dominik Koepfer to complicate the world’s best plan to abandon Jan Leonard Struff during the day without any particular worries. At the beginning of the program, it breaks Filip Krajinović’s resistance at the same time.

Very solid Germany signed 2: 1 with Krabitz and Puets. Krabits and Puets were at decisive double risk and fell below the two breaks in the decisive set. Obviously, in a match between Casic and Djokovic. It is decisive to make a difference.

Therefore, the situation in Sweden also needs to be monitored. Despite losing to Kazakhstan, everyone will play against Canada, but the bigger the difference in the set, the better the runner-up. But the situation still looks very complicated.

Russia, Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev, has committed Spain, the orphan of Rafa Nadal and Carlos Rublev, at the top of Group A. What’s the news? One of the two could be in the top eight. The direct conflict becomes decisive.

In any case, Gomez, the second largest in the world, is a very competitive training. The 6-2 and 6-0 finals symbolize the 60 minute play threshold. Rublev admits something, but still beats Quiros in three sets.

Even in Group C, there was a lot of confusion between Manarino and Lindark Netch in France’s qualifying and elimination. Herbert and Mayu think as usual to make the passive voice acceptable to Transalpino.

For the Czech Republic, the chance to pass as the best second again should clearly beat Britain anyway. The match between Hungary and Australia will take place at Paraalpitur in Turin.

Djokovic is currently playing in the Davis Cup

Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are currently tied in men’s records for 20 Grand Slam singles titles each after the Serbs won three majors this year. Federer’s final Grand Slam victory took place at the 2018 Australian Open, and Nadal won his latest major at the 2020 French Open.

“A few years ago, the idea that anyone could win 10 Grand Slams was incredible, but now there are 20 and 3 guys, which is great,” Gonzales said. rice field. “When it comes to numbers, I’m sure Novak will be the most Grand Slam and probably the best stats, but for me there are other factors in deciding who is the best,” Gonzales continued. rice field.

“Novak is breaking all the records. He seems to have been doing that for years. For me, he’s the best, not just saying that this guy had the most titles.” Gonzales said. “You can choose your favorite person in the way three guys play.

I like Roger. His one-handed backhand, serve, volley, and his style are more classic. Looking at Novak, it seems that he never misses the ball, and Rafa runs around with his whole body hurt, so I don’t know who is the best. ”

– Tennis Sports

“Novak Djokovic will continue to do that for years,” says former Ace. “Novak Djokovic will continue to do that for years,” says former Ace.

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