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Serbia, who won the title in 2010 and played in the final in 2013, appeared in the quarterfinals as one of the two best second and worried about the consequences of a Group A clash between the Russian Tennis Federation and Spain. I had to wait.

I knew he would travel to Madrid to play against Kazakhstan in the quarterfinals. “We met him until about 1am. Obviously we didn’t know who would win and we didn’t know if we were going back to Madrid or coming as a team, so fortunately we are here. “I will arrive at Novak Djokovic Madrid Arena.

“I wanted to come to Madrid, so the second draw with Germany was very tough. I was a little demoralized, but I expected good results, so let’s understand which scenario to go through yesterday. I was calculating all day long, which was really the last point, “he explained.

“Unfortunately, for the host country, for Spain, they are outside, but we are inside, so we are excited and hope we have a chance to pass.” Serbia on Wednesday. You will face tough challenges when playing against Group B winner Kazakhstan in the quarterfinals. Djokovic, who knows this, does not take it for granted.

“They won their group. They are great players, versatile players, tall guys, great serve and great games, many talents and very good hands. I have a Bublik … and then I have a veteran Kukushkin who has been on the national team for a long time.

I remember playing against him for more than five hours at the Davis Cup in Serbia a few years ago. He is a very tough opponent. ”

Gonzales pays homage to Novak Djokovic

Fernando Gonzalez expects Novak Djokovic to finish his career with more major titles and better statistics than his rivals Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

But once in the world’s fifth place, the debate over who is the best player ever believes to be a factor other than record. “A few years ago, the idea that anyone could win 10 Grand Slams was incredible, but now there are 20 and 3 guys, which is great,” Gonzales said. rice field.

Later, Gonzales revealed that Djokovic believes he will continue to break records and eventually lead the way in statistics. The Chileans, however, argued that this was not what he felt would determine which player was the best. “When it comes to numbers, I’m sure Novak will be the most Grand Slam and probably the best stats, but for me there are other factors in deciding who is the best,” Gonzales continued. rice field.

“Novak has broken all records, and he seems to have been doing that for years.”

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“Novak Djokovic will eventually …” says former ATP Ace “Novak Djokovic will eventually …” says former ATP Ace

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