November 2020 Monster Vine Holiday Gift Guide

Now is the perfect time to start shopping. Extensive trading and exciting new technologies are everywhere. Are you looking for an idea for yourself or someone else? Find out what you need to suggest in the November Holiday Gift Guide. Also check out last month’s suggestions.

Crash 4: It’s Time – $ 40 on Amazon (PS4, XB1) (Black Friday Deal) [Frank]

Crash 4 Starting with the familiar beaches of Toys for Bob’s new paint, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of why the crash became an ion in the early days of the PlayStation. Crash 4 Essentially readjusted everything past Crash 3 Warp, and it’s honestly for the best. After the Crash 3 event, the villains are in a temporary crack, but they quickly find a way to trouble their favorite Bandicoot, but this time how many to help as well as go wrong. There’s a new trick from some friends! Crash 4 may be the best crash I’ve ever felt, with tight controls, great movement, and a new mechanic that seems to fit exactly as it was intended to be there from the beginning. .. Crash encounters other masks that have the power to switch dimensions, time itself, and so on. He needs it to return to the leisure life he wants.

If you’ve ever fallen in love with a crash after his first run, this is a game for you. This embraces everything we loved about the original game, elaborate the formula in a very positive way, and makes it an overwhelmingly refreshing experience for one of the game’s most famous faces. .. Play this, you won’t be disappointed!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – $ 60 (PS4 / XB1), $ 70 (PS5 / XSX) [Diego]

Madden always opens the holiday season and Call of Duty closes it. The latest entry in the Black Ops series, Cold warThere may be “another of them” in terms of knowing what to expect from the title, but it can still be fun. After skipping the Black Ops 4 campaign, we’re back in the Cold War conspiracy world. The action spectacle is fully exhibited here, and there are some really fun moments to bring back the previous Black Ops game. I haven’t played a competitive COD game for years, so it feels good to go back to it (and great reassurance that my muscle memory is still intact). We’re still looking forward to the (significantly underrated) changes that Advanced Warfare has added to the series, but we’re happy to see the series return to basics with this entry. Guns feel tight, the community is more homophobic and racist than ever, and putting waste from above on an attack helicopter feels as good as it used to. Sure, maps tend to prefer closer combat than usual, but as someone who prefers that style of play, I’m all about it. And when it comes to zombies, take a good look at them as zombies that you either like or hate. I’ve always had the first few attempts a fun type, but it gets really quickly out of date due to the official loops and the lack of maps to get things going.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+ 2 – $ 25 on Target (PS4, XB1) (Black Friday Deal) [Spencer]

As a person with a lot of nostalgia Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 And 2, I must say I’m incredibly happy HD Remake. It has all the classic stages, characters and songs, but the gameplay is a perfect match for my favorite combo-based skateboard. There have been significant improvements in several respects, such as the time it takes to get up and the design of the stage, which makes it the definitive way to play some of the most beloved sports games. With the new leveling system and additional unlockable boards and badges, everything feels important. You can skip between songs, so you can always play with your favorite beats.Whether you are shopping for old school fans or newcomers Tony Hawk, If they jump in, they will explode.

Bugsnax – $ 25 on Epic Game Store (PC), free for PS5 owners via PS + November 2020 [Joe]

Bugsnax It’s full of strange combinations. From the famous Bugsnax, which ultimately combines bugs and snacks, to gameplay that combines Pokemon and Viva Pinata, to scary food monsters that can turn into moody ones. A lot of things are happening there.

But at the same time, it’s a simple game and hard to explain. It’s like a rainbow or the Grand Canyon. That’s what you really have to see for yourself. This isn’t the most graphic game, but it’s complemented by a fun story and a big heart. So by the end of your time, you will care a lot about the moody people and their plight. It’s the perfect time to play with your new fashionable PS5 or PS4 on your PC.

Dragon’s Lair X Replicade – New Wave Toys for $ 120 [Spencer]

The· Dragon’s Lair Replicated mini arcade cabinets are a perfect gift for retro game lovers of your life. Not only is it made of good size and sturdy Dragon’s Lair It looks great on the screen in itself. This is a classic difficult game, but with the Replicade machine you can absolutely comfortably try as many as you like. The buttons and control sticks are extremely responsive to their small size, and the amount of clean details such as sparkling coin slots and sparkling marquees makes it easier than ever to create your own miniature arcade with perfect detail. Along with the replica disc, there is also a mini laserdisc player to complete the arcade setup. The cabinet also has an HDMI slot in case you need a larger screen and a USB controller port for various controllers.How much you want to experience the original Dragon’s Lair, Replicade cabinets are by far the best option for you and your arcade-loving friends.

Audeze Mobius Headset – $ 400 for Audeze [Austin]

There are plenty of headsets to choose from this holiday season, but if you’re looking for the most tech headset, Audeze Mobius.. This should be the most advanced headset I have ever used. With typical 7.1 / 5.1 surround options, it takes 3D audio one step further with room emulation via head tracking. This means that when you move the head sensor inside the headset, the movement is detected and the sound changes as if you were in a room where you can hear the sound around you. It’s a surreal experience that you have to try to fully understand. Mobius is compatible with a range of devices via Bluetooth (AAC and LDAC support), a wired connection for listening, and a removable boom mic.If you are looking for the most technically advanced headphones as a gift or to treat yourself, you have to give it a try Audeze Mobius..

MonsterVine’s Holiday Gift Guide for November 2020

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