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Now, 3 shares that are extremely profitable

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NS TSX It slides down slowly. The downturn is more like a “loss of momentum” stage than a sharp downturn associated with a market crash or correction. Still, if the market is down significantly, it’s packed with great deals. Many amazing stocks may become very attractively valued, and you may be able to bag some usually overvalued stocks at bargain prices.

But that’s not very predictable at this point, and over time you’ll know if the TSX is actually down or just fluctuating. In the latter case, you shouldn’t wait for deals. Might be so Find out the amazing deals currently available with the market crash.

Underrated high-yielding REITs

REITs are usually Very generous There are payments, but few REITs are so generous. Slate Grocery REIT (TSX: SGR.U) Regarding the dividend yield. The company recently completed a $ 390 million transaction, offering a portfolio of 25 properties in the major US metro markets. REITs are already fully US-focused and have expanded their portfolio very aggressively.

The current portfolio has been successfully added to REIT’s extensive US portfolio of 106 real estate properties in 26 states. Almost all properties are fixed to groceries (98%), protecting REITs from bad market conditions.

REITs currently offer an appetizing 8.3% yield, trading at a price-to-book value ratio of 4.4 and a price-to-book value ratio of 0.8.

Underrated timber companies

Kessner base West Fraser Timber (TSX: WFG) Canada’s largest forestry company and one of the largest forestry companies (if not) NS Largest) of that kind in North America. We have an extensive and diverse portfolio, both geographically and productively. It also has a small presence in Europe (4 locations). The strength of its product line is that it covers the entire range when it comes to construction.

This forestry giant is a ridiculous bargain so far, mainly because of its current price-earnings ratio of 2.8, mainly due to the excellent earnings in the second quarter. And stock prices are still rising, staying at these low levels, even though they have risen almost 330% since the crash. The results for the next quarter will probably bring a correction, as timber prices have already normalized.

So while the company is currently a ridiculously good deal (based on numbers), it might be a good idea to wait until the next quarter’s results before making a purchase.

Iron ore usage fee company

Labrador iron ore royalties (TSX: LIF) teeth Currently trading The price-earnings ratio is 6.8 times, and the price-to-book value ratio is 3.8 times. And it’s a surprising deal so far, mainly due to the currently very unusually high dividend yields. As of this writing, the yield is 19% and the company will repay the capital invested through dividends within about a year and a half, unless the company reduces payments.

The current payout rate is about 93.3%, which is quite high, but not yet in the dangerous 100% plus territory. The company has a equity and royalty interest in a Canadian iron ore company, providing investors with exposure to this profitable business. Equities also offer the potential for slightly cyclical capital growth, so it might be a good idea to buy a company when it bottoms out.

Stupid takeaway

Two of the three ridiculous deals offer you generous payouts, and the other one is great for its price.If you’re interested in starting a dividend-based passive income, or just want to use dividends to build cash reserves, both Labrador Iron Ore Royalty and Slate Grocery REIT are good and are currently few. Underrated business..

Now, 3 shares that are extremely profitable Now, 3 shares that are extremely profitable

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