Now available on Landflix Odyssey, Adventures in the TV Series, Xbox One

Have you ever wondered how great it is to experience the adventures of your favorite TV series? Maybe next to your favorite hero? If the answer to these questions is “hell, yes!”.Let me introduce you Landflix Odyssey!!

Landflix Odyssey Is the latest game released by Fantastico Studio, which tells the misfortune of lazy Binge-watching, a rally that is literally crazy after misusing the battery in a TV remote control. – For Landflix streaming platform.

Retrieving a special battery is very important for the rally. Because they are the only possible way to escape. Landflix Odyssey.. But unfortunately for him, even the terrifying CEO of Landflix, the evil and malicious man, wants to rescue and use the incredible power of the battery to prevent the rally from escaping.

As a rally, we need to explore the world … Oops, the TV series within the Landflix platform. That way, you can remove the battery only once and return to your beloved old and beloved sofa.

Landflix Odyssey

As you can imagine, the TV series is a world of games to explore, each a parody of a real version. There are a total of five television series, and each rally may use certain powers linked to its world.

For example, Peculiar Stuff allows you to enter parallel dimensions where you need to move quickly so that you don’t run out of air. In Blind Evil, you can use special sticks to attack enemies or use them as grappling hooks. With Elder Sloan, you can defeat terrifying enemies with just a sword.

Landflix Odyssey

Or, in standing zombies, it is imperative to use the crossbow in a creative way, in order to use it as a weapon and as a way to overcome certain obstacles. Remembering Going Mad, I was able to take really special medications to increase my reflexes and slow down my time.

And once you’ve collected all the batteries, blue tickets, and coins you need to purchase game levels while playing, as if it were an episode of a TV series, you’re ready to focus on the challenges available in special features. Reflexes are the most difficult test.

Landflix Odyssey

There are many other surprises Landflix Odyssey And I hope you enjoy finding them. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the game. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Then!

Landflix Odyssey

Xbox Live

Landflix Odyssey

Fantastico Studio


$ 14.99

Landflix Odyssey is an action platform that players play as a lazy pinge-watching rally trapped inside a streaming service after using a special battery. This incredible world is called Landflix! To get home, you’ll need to retrieve all five batteries in the Landflix platform TV show. Landflix Odyssey is a clear reference to the world of video-on-demand platforms and television programming. In each TV show, our heroes can count on some special powers that help them overcome obstacles and dangers in the gaming world. Our heroes move parallel dimensions, use magic swords, do superhero jobs with superhero tools, take medicine to increase productivity, and crossbow against hordes of zombies. You can protect yourself.

Landflix Odyssey, an Adventure Within a TV Series, Available Now on Xbox One

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